Update on Harry Reid’s letter to Rush

Just thought you’d like to know that, with a little more than 20 hours left on the bidding, the current high bid on the letter that Reid (along with 41 Democratic Senators) wrote in an effort to censor Rush Limbaugh is $511,100.00, with all proceeds to go to a fund that benefits Marine families. I’ll look forward to seeing the final bid.

UPDATE: And an update to the update here. At a little more than 18 hours to go, the bidding is at $851,100.00. This is exciting!


8 Responses

  1. Didn’t Rush promise to match the winning bid?

    Along with challenging the 41 signatories to join him in
    showing their support of the troops by pledging a
    match, as well?

    Given the amount, and what I think the financial situation
    of some of those Senators, maybe they could arrange to
    “misunderstand” Rush’s challenge, and all 41 of them
    could raise the matching sum…….

    What are you betting?

  2. By the way, at 5:30 EST, the bid is up to $851,000.00.


  3. Rush matches wits with 41 Democrat senators and raises a fortune for a Marine charity while the Democrats form the Stuck on Stupid choir in the Senate. Thank God for El Rushbo.

  4. Isn’t this a hoot ! And for such a good cause. It’s not possible to find a better use for toilet paper.

  5. With Rush matching the winning bid, it will be worth far more than Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize.

  6. I just signed into Ebay and they let me bid. For over a half a million dollars. And I am over drawn on my one credit card. With a $500 limit. Lol. Anyone with an Ebay account can bid. There is no guarantee they are legitimate bids. I would love to see if someone actually PAYS for this instead of jokes bids. They did nothing to verify bidders expect say they needed a credit card on file. Well that is 99% of most Ebayers with no way of checking the amount. What a joke.

  7. Well, that’s interesting…..

    The bid at 11:06 EST is $2.1 million.

    If there were “phony bidders”, I do hope their names are
    revealed so they can enjoy the notoriety and censure
    that ought to go with such activity.

    Or am I still living in the past, when “shame” was
    something that one actually felt after having acted in a
    way that revealed a lack of integrity?

  8. I would love to see if someone actually PAYS for this instead of jokes bids.

    So what are you going to do for your next trick?

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