The Bush doctrine at work

The familiar (way too familiar) trope on the Left is that the Bush doctrine is making everyone in the world hate us.  That desire to be loved, and the fear of being hated, is a feelings based mentality, of course, that has nothing to do with justice, morality, right, honor, etc.  My own view, as a Mom, is that I don’t have to be loved, I just have to be right.

It’s worth keeping those two conflicting sentiments in mind — “everyone must love me” versus “do the right thing regardless of how people feel about you” — as you look at a series of cartoons that MEMRI has assembled from Arab newspapers.  Lately, of course, to read a sentence that contains both the words “cartoons” and “Muslims” (or “Arabs”) usually means bad news.  This time, however, the opposite is true.  While the cartoons show absolutely no love for America (nor even any mention of America), they contain something much more important:  a denunciation of terrorism.

Bush doesn’t have to be loved but, boy, it would help us over here if the world would realize that he’s right.


4 Responses

  1. I saw part of Christiane Amanpour’s series on God’s Warriors last week. There was a young Muslim couple in the US who told how important their religion was. The woman said that she wore the veil because she preferred it to the provocative western clothing that made women into sex objects. She then said that before her husband had askd her out, he asked her father for permission. They seemed like a nice couple, and I have no problem with their choices, but I couldn’t help wondering whether they were fully aware that their choices wouldn’t be allowed in the utopia of the radicals. I wonder how many Muslims are aware that in that utopia, the most brutal thugs set: the rules: no kites, no soccer games on TV, no tomatoes and cukes next to one another. And of course said thugs get to choose who is sacrificed. The cartons show that some lightbulbs are going on, but it’s been a long wait. We can only hope the same happens with our leftie nuts.

  2. If history is our teacher, then we’d better all be on the
    same page — the leftists will not be convinced. In that,
    at least, they resemble the Islamists. These are true
    fundamentalists, and like all who possess a utopian
    world view they want the entire world to embrace, they
    must be defeated.

    They cannot be converted, and If we waver in our
    purpose; if we allow them small victories in order to be
    reasonable or nice; if we imagine that some compromise
    is possible, we will lose; and they’ll impose their own
    brand of fundamentalism first on our country, and then
    on the world.

  3. History is only as good as the individual studying it. Just as war is only as good as the individual studying it.

  4. Hopeful sign, seeing those cartoons. Should we be studying Arabic? The Russians always studied the language of their enemies, you know.

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