First, they didn’t come for the officers….

A few days ago (although I only just got to it now), I read over at Confederate Yankee that troops are not fragging (i.e., killing) their officers, something popular during the Vietnam War. CY comments that the report’s author sounds almost, I don’t know, disappointed that the troops aren’t slaking their blood lust against their own officers but, instead, seem to be doing a fine job of adjusting to and working within the military hierarchy on the ground in Iraq. I guess it’s part of a package of MSM disappointments. After all, just the other day, weren’t we all laughing at — er, sorry, saddened by — the sad saga of the underemployed cemetery worker’s in Iraq? The absence of bad news is getting challenging for the MSM, and they’re spinning harder than usual.


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  2. This is a good example of doublethink, Book. Since after all, if soldiers are fragging anyone, it would reporters. But since reporters know that isn’t true, they simply tell stories about soldiers fragging other soldiers.

    One truth does not invalidate the other truth, Book, in their minds.

    It is really hard to decide whether Reuters or AP should be terminated first.

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