Yeah, but what about us taxpayers?

Here’s how a local San Francisco online paper reported Arnold’s (correct) decision to veto the California DREAM act:

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed bill SB 1, the California Dream Act, which would have enabled qualifying undocumented students to apply for two types of non competitive state financial aid.

Schwarzenegger said he vetoed the bill because he thought extending aid to those students would put a strain on the General Fund. In a veto message on the governor’s Web site, Schwarzenegger said that at a time when students with legal status are already paying increased tuition fees, a bill like this would not be a prudent expenditure.

SB 1 would enable students to apply for the Cal Grant Entitlement and have community college fees waived. According to the office of Sen. Gilbert Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, costs of the bill averaged out to an additional .018 percent of General Fund money.

The bill won support across California, from both the state and university systems as well as the Community College League. Other supporters included the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

A variety of newspapers lauded the bill as being a balanced and pragmatic solution to expanding the state’s college graduates without taking money away from students with legal status.  (Emphasis mine.)

Did you notice the language I highlighted?  While the DREAM Act may not take money away from students with legal status, it seems to me it’s still taking money away from taxpayers.  I pay massive amounts in taxes.  That money is taken away from me and I can no longer spend it on me and mine.  As just one example, the money I pour into taxes is money I can’t spend it my kids’ college education.  Why in the world would I want to see the government spend it on illegal aliens?  And the mere fact that it’s “spent” by waiving community college fees or giving access to grants doesn’t mean that it’s not tax payer money at stake.

You can only poke the pig so often before it starts to squeal, and squeal loudly.  I’m entering squealing mode, and I’d certainly like to see more Americans squeal with me, so that politicians of all ideological stripes would stop seeing as as an endless flow of cash for whatever constituency they’re trying to buy at any given moment.


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  1. I see you more as a Golden Goose rather than a squealing pig.

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