Hillary caught in the act — but you’d never know it to watch the news

Peter Paul, who has an ongoing lawsuit against the Clintons based upon a campaign finance scandal, has published a video that’s been making the internet rounds for a while. I finally caught up with it on Hot Air. The video makes a good case that, not only did Hillary’s campaign violate financing laws, but Hillary knew about what was going on. Here — See what you think, with the caveat, of course, that this is only Paul’s side of the story:

Mostly, I find the above interesting because of the MSM’s complete silence about this side of the story.


5 Responses

  1. I read David Schipper’s book, “Sell-out”, on the Clinton Impeachment and once had occasion to meet him in a supermarket line after the book was published.

    David Schipper is/was a highly credentialed Cook County (Chicago) attorney and politico from a solid, old-line Democrat political family, who was hired by Henry Hyde to lead the House impeachment investigation. Schippers had all the reasons and ideological credentials in the world to stand up for the Clintons. He was instead horrified by what he uncovered. The book title, “Sell-Out”, refers to both Democrats and Republicans who deliberately ignored the evidence (including that pertaining to Juanita Broderick’s rape allegations) in order to give Clinton a pass. Schippers knowingly destroyed his career by revealing this evidence in his book.

    David Schipper’s presence on this video in support of Peter Paul’s allegations is good enough for me: I believe it.

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  3. Sorry, here’s the link to Schipper’s book:


    It makes for very good reading as we approach a potential new Clinton regime.

  4. This should be a wake up call to all stripes of party affiliation.

    When the news is no longer news it is called Propaganda
    as in Communist countrys it is used against the population
    to decieve them.

    The Clinton Impeachment shows that both partys went against their oath of office and duty to Impeach a distructive man in our highest office.

    What we have in office today is just a continuation of the Clinton administration and every bit as distructive.

    We need a 20+year constitutionalist as president in 2008
    How about we change things—The news Media hates him–the politicians hate him. He wins most of the debates without mentioning him–Lets all elect a man who has proven to walk the walk! Lets Get Ron Paul from texas.

    He bridges party monopoly lines with a clear message and sound judgment.

  5. I was leaning toward Hilliary but have since changed my mind. I’ve lost all respect for her. She accuses Obama of being a lier, but when she’s caught in a lie, she says she just “mis-spoke”.

    I wonder how many more times this has happenedl

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