Watcher’s report

The votes were counted, and as is usually the case when the Watcher’s Council votes, the results were good. So, here are the top winners, although you know I always, always tell you not to take my word for it, but to go and read the posts yourself. The winning posts on the Council side are Murtha: Underhanded and Overlawyered, Big Lizards, and The Enormous Damage Done To Our Space Program By “The Space Race”, by Right Wing Nut House. Both have self-explanatory titles, so I’m not sure what I can add, other than to say that they are excellent and worth reading.

On the non-Council side, the first and second place winners are Battleground Che, by Publius Pundit, and Mission Accomplished, by Prospect Magazine. The latter I blogged about earlier, as one of the best analyses of why we have, in fact, won in Iraq.  The former looks at Che worship, from the ignorant following pop culture to the willful blindness from the idolaters of the Left.


2 Responses

  1. Che worship is an indication that the human race requires something to believe in. If you don’t supply that “something”, then the void will be filled by the nearest person or ideology around. Thus to direct human affairs, one must take the initiative in setting the situation for the best human beliefs.

    All things are not equal; this means that two competiting belief systems together will not always demonstrate which one is better. All things are not equal, which means that the best belief doesn’t always win for you can’t win against those that cheat. The game is rigged in that scenes, just as Che’s game was rigged.

  2. More than anything, though, the word that may best describe him is contradiction.

    No, the best word that describes him is dead, Book. As I have mentioned, not even the greatest guerrilla leader with the greatest network of propaganda apparatuses in the history of the human race can reverse being dead. He would have to have always been alive; propaganda cannot change the fabric of reality to that degree, however. which means that death and killing trumps propaganda and ideology, no matter how many people believe in Che. Dead is dead.

    And if the leader’s death doesn’t extinguish his memory then the death of his followers will. This must not be overlooked, for why else did Che’s enemies of humanity deal in so much death, executions, and targeted assassinations? They knew just as well I do that propaganda and ideology is not enough. You still got to kill people.

    That is the fundamental fabric of our existence, and it cannot be changed by charismatic leaders, propagandists, terrorists, revolutonaries, or philosophers. Marxism is correct in one small facet concerning their teachings. We are all naturally equal in class, for death holds no prejudice against rich or poor once you enter its halls.

    Hope exists in life, in the beliefs of those still living. Revolutionaries that use intimidation to spread their beliefs by the sword, understand this implicitly and intimately. Only the useful idiots and intellectual nabobs don’t understand it. Such folks believe they have the power to change reality and reverse death itself. Yet, they are not gods, not even close. The sword will come for them in the end, as it always does.

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