Spending money on a piece of history

Kim Priestap gives the heads-up that Rush is auctioning off the original letter in which Senators tried to censor him for the faux phony soldier scandal, with the proceeds to go to a Marine charity (Rush is a board member). More than that, Rush is challenging each Senator who signed the letter to match the final price for which the letter is auctioned. If you have some money lying around, want to give to a good cause, and want to own a piece of history, you need to go here and bid. The Auction ends on October 19, so you should head on over if you want to bid or just check out the progress. (It’s up to $25,100 as I write this.)

UPDATEEven the Late Show seems to be siding with Rush, albeit obliquely.


5 Responses

  1. Well, you know what’ll happen. Rush will buy it himself, for whatever amount the auction gets up to, and forward the money to the Marines.

  2. The bid is now up to $26,100. Ha! This is the kind of entertaining hutzpah that keeps Rush several steps ahead of the lilliputians that seek to tie him down and shut him up.

  3. What if we all chipped in $ 100.00 and bid as a block?

  4. Once again, he makes the nattering nabobs of negativism on the left look pretty stoopid!

  5. Rush is unlike Bush and O’Reilly in that he actually will fight back. While Ann Coulter usually conducts first strike attacks, if you wish for a comparison piece.

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