Gore and the Nobel

I was glad to see that the Nobel Prize committee hasn’t lost its touch. Al Gore, the man whose movie is so inaccurate it needs to come with a warning, has now joined the august panoply of other recent Nobel Peace Prize winners. In case you’ve forgotten, here are some of the highlights in this rogue’s gallery:

Yassar Arafat, one of the bloodiest killers in the Arab world, and a man who easily deceived a credulous West as he unrelentingly, to the day of his AIDS-induced death, plotted to destroy Israel.

Mohamed ElBaradei, the Egyptian who is probably single-handedly responsible for both the proliferation of nuclear weapons in Iran and for the fact that we went to war with Iraq. As to the latter, if there were in fact WMDs, it happened under his watch; and if there weren’t, it was his regime that allowed Hussein to create the nuclear Potemkin village that led to the war.

Wangari Maathai, who claimed that “the West” bio-engineered HIV and realized it on Africa, one of the most paranoid of conspiracy theories around.

Jimmy Carter, one of the worst Presidents in modern American history and one of the worst ex-Presidents in modern history.

Kofi Annan, who should be remembered for Rwanda, Oil for Food, the increasingly virulent anti-Semitism that’s become the UN’s hallmark, the Congo sexual transgressions, and just about every other horrible thing that happened on his watch.

Rigoberta Menchu Tum, the Marxist confabulator.

Interestingly, once you start looking into the way back machine, past Rigoberta, you start seeing that the Nobel Committee was still awarding the prize to people who, at least as of the time the prize was awarded, weren’t charlatans, crooks, cowards, con men and, most importantly, devoted to “putting America in her place.” In other words, with some exceptions I’ve detailed below, in those early years, the prize seemed mostly to go to be people of greatness and humanity. Still, there’s even a caveat to that. Some of the institutions or people that, at the time they received the prize, seemed decent, have since descended into anti-American madness, such as Amnesty International, which really did used to focus on bad places, not American or Israeli places, or Betty Williams, the Irish peacemaker who wants to kill George Bush. One of them is just plain funny: the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces, an organization that has distinguished itself by doing nothing in Yugoslavia, the Congo (except for the sex slaves, of course), Rwanda, and the Israeli/Lebanese border.

All I can say is, now that the prize officially become just a pathetic anti-Western statement, Al Gore truly has found his rightful place.

UPDATE:  Too funny.  I just found out that Scott Johnson, at Power Line, did almost exactly the same list I did, putting Al Gore in perspective.  You know you’re thinking smart when you discover that your thinking is in line with smart people.


9 Responses

  1. there you go again with the hyperbole book.

    i just had to pop in and see just how disingenous your take on gore’s nobel win was.

    the brits only found NINE inaccuracies in “an inconvenient truth” and even those are being seriously questioned.

    so much for your “so inaccurate it needs to come with a warning” blather.

    par for the course however. seriously though, glad to see you’re still around. i like the new format.


  2. and btw, scott johnson can’t hold your apron so i wouldn’t be using him for backup.


  3. Hi Bookworm, Like Dagon, I just wondered what you’d said about Gore and can’t quite believe you haven’t made reference to John Lewis’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

    Meanwhile, if you need me I’ll be hanging out in the real world.

    All the beat,

  4. @dagon

    i just had to pop in and see just how disingenous your take on gore’s nobel win was.

    the brits only found NINE inaccuracies in “an inconvenient truth” and even those are being seriously questioned.

    A movie which has TRUTH in its title, and you pooh-pooh only nine inaccuracies/lies?

    One which I had read about said that the movie claimed that polar bears drowned swimming towards ice due to GW, whereas the article simply said that the polar bears had drowned in a storm.

    Just wondering….

  5. gringo,

    like i said, even those NINE inaccuracies (which is a pittance compared to the myriad other facts which were included in the film) are being disputed by climatologists:

    it is also notable that the british government overwhelming supports the findings of the film:


  6. Did you hear, Book, the real world beckons. It’s time to shut off the matrix and stop payment of the royal court jester retainers for greg and d.

    there you go again with the hyperbole book.

    Given that in your reality, d, only you have won the Nobel Peace Prize, does indeed make for an interesting reality matrix.

    Only in the real reality, Book, can you ever achieve Grand Master in the art of narcissism. Unplug from the matrix and join the narc attacks!

  7. BW,
    It seems some people’s worlds are smaller than others’.
    If Algore had expanded his world view to include Mars, he would have seen Mars is warming also. That inconvenient truth would have contradicted the “truth” of man causing warming on Earth.
    The smaller one’s world view, the greater the need to create delusions to explain what one allows oneself to see.
    I appreciate the broad vistas of your world view.

  8. Bookmarking now thanks, a good quick read.

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