Is there such a thing as auto-genocide?

If there is such a thing a auto-genocide — that is, a culture’s or race’s decision to wipe itself out — than Fjordman, writing at Gates of Vienna, thinks that we’re witnessing it now.  In paragraph after paragraph, he strongly and credibly argues that the white race is under attack, not from the immigrants streaming into the country, but from intellectual and political leadership that not only allows mass immigration of a type unprecedented in human history, but that makes it impossible for a country’s native citizens to complain.  It’s an interesting post made especially interesting by the fact that it is not a racist rant.  Fjordman is simply looking at a giant social experiment, commenting on how the experiment came into being, and predicting results.  In many ways, the core of his argument, and the reason why he finds this “little” social experiment disturbing, lies right here:

In May 2007, Osama bin Laden’s deputy terrorist leader Ayman al-Zawahri stated that “Al-Qaida is not merely for the benefit of Muslims. That’s why I want blacks in America, people of color, American Indians, Hispanics, and all the weak and oppressed in North and South America, in Africa and Asia, and all over the world.”

Read that statement closely. This Jihadist organization is calling for a global war against whites. Not Christians or Jews. Whites. I have been told all of my life that skin color is irrelevant, but this balancing act gets a lot more difficult when somebody declares war against you because of your race.

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  1. Sorry to point out some numbers.

    In the 1850’s when the U.S. population was 40 million we had several years where the immigrant population reached 40% of our total.

    Today, at 300 million, our total immigrant population (legal and illegal) has never exceeded 15%.

  2. You’re right, of course, Michael. I would add two things, though. First, at those historic times, America expected the immigrants to conform to American cultural norms, something that’s anathema now in any Western country taking in immigrants. I’m all for immigrants if they are expected to embrace their host country’s values.

    Second, I think Fjordman mentioned America as an aside and was more concerned with Europe’s experiment. America overall does a better job, I think, of assimilating immigrants, because we make the American dream attractive, and don’t isolate immigrants in banlieus (whether French or another country’s equivalent of those neighborhoods), pay them lots of welfare money, and make assimilation difficult or undesirable.

  3. Reading this essay was like going back to 1988 when I heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio for the first time – someone was saying what I’d been thinking and it was refreshing.

    We aren’t as far gone as Europe, that’s for sure. But the more nanny state give-aways that U.S. voters condone by electing the do-gooders who promise them (or who lie and don’t say what they really intend to do) the more the politicians will need the immigrants, legal or illegal, to foot the bill.

  4. I think the “auto-genocide” tag is a good one. I also think there’s not much doubt that it’s taking place before our eyes. It isn’t so much that the white races are under attack – though they are – as it is that they seem to have decided, consciously or unconsciously, to quit. There seems to be a kind of racially-drawn “the hell with it” going on.

    This is plainly exemplified and can most clearly be seen in the fact that their birthrates aren’t even managing population replacement, let alone growth. The English, French, Germans, etc. are apparently deciding they’d rather be somewhere else than on this planet. Which sounds weird, and I have no idea where that might be, but the fact is that whites are failing to reproduce so broadly, in so many countries, that it’s hard to see another explanation for it. It’s as if a race-wide subliminal vote was somehow taken, and the decision made to attrit until gone.

    It’s also true here. Caucasians of whatever background simply don’t seem interested in reproduction, and by 2050 are predicted to be a minority in the US.

    Immigration certainly plays a part in this, but the main factor is, it seems to me, that the white population on earth is melting away.

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