Watcher’s Results

As you’ve probably gathered from the fact that I’m posting at a slower pace than usual, my real life, as opposed to my cyber life is very busy lately. It’s quite flattering that so many clients want my legal services right now, but that demand is not only putting a cramp in my blogging, it’s driving everything else out of my life, too. Little things like sleep, grocery shopping, and simple down time just aren’t happening. It doesn’t surprise me too much, therefore, that I forgot to post the results from the last week of Weasel results. My apologies to the winners, all of whom wrote excellent posts and articles. Further apologies for simply listing the victors, below, with the usual summary I like to do. I just don’t have time right now:

Winners on the Council side:

Gratefully Not Dead: Iraq Civilian and US Military Deaths Plummet, by Big Lizards

Man Without a Party, by Right Wing Nut House

Winners on the non-Council side:

That’s Propa-tainment!, by Jules Crittenden at Pajamas Media

The Hollywood Surge Is Failing, Seraphic Secret

And now, as I usually say, check them all out, because the winners aren’t the only good ones.


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