They should have arrested them

As George Michael knows, it is illegal in England to have sex in public places. So, when four fireman discovered four men have sex in the bushes in a park, they could have caused a citizens arrest (if they do that in England), or called the cops on them. Instead, they just shined a flashlight on the frolicsome foursome (and it’s unclear whether their motive was to ensure that no one was being hurt, to figure out what was going on, or just to watch), and then returned to the fire station. Rather than breathing a sigh of relief that they weren’t carted off to prison, the four law breakers got belligerent — and this is where it gets farcical, in a very pathetic way:

Firemen who shone their torches at four men they found having sex in bushes have been disciplined by their bosses.

The crew spotted the men engaged in illegal ‘dogging’ – outdoor sexual activity with strangers – on parkland known as the Downs in Bristol late one night.

After embarrassing the men by pointing their torches at them, the crew continued on their way to their fire station.

But one of the ‘doggers’ complained to Avon Fire and Rescue, ultimately accusing the four-man crew of being homophobic.

The firemen, who have 26 years of service between them, were then suspended on full pay for three months during an internal investigation.

Yesterday it emerged that two have been fined £1,000 each, another demoted to a rank which will see him forfeit a similar amount of money, while a fourth has received a stern written warning.

It is believed Avon Fire and Rescue plans to give the money raised from the fines to a gay rights charity.

Among those being considered is the Jamaican Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays.

The crew have been transferred to other stations and ordered to attend an equality course.

But no action has been taken against any of the men believed to have been involved in the dogging.

Is it only me or is there something incredibly humorous about the phrase “embarrassing the men by pointing their torches at them….?” It seems to me that four men who elect to have an orgy in a public park are pretty much beyond embarrassment.

Unsurprisingly, the firemen’s colleagues, who haven’t had a gag order placed on them, are unhappy:

But one of their colleagues said yesterday: ‘This is a complete farce. All four officers have been let down by their senior officers when they needed their support the most.

‘They have been treated as the criminals and it has been forgotten that they witnessed criminal activity occurring in a public place.’

Another fireman said: ‘There are a lot of firefighters in Avon who feel the four involved have been treated very unfairly so the service can be seen as being politically correct.’

A society has completely lost its moorings when criminals get to complain that, instead of being arrested, they were stared at while committing their crime.

Just as a thought experiment, I’d like you to imagine that it wasn’t four firefighters in the park, it was a family of four going out for a postprandial stroll, and it was their 11 year old who was first attracted to the shaking shrub. “Hey, Mum, I think there are some dogs in there,” he cries out. The family cautiously moves forward to investigate, only to find a gay orgy taking place. Try a rational explanation of the birds and the bees for your kids after that one.

England has become a very sick, sick society, and I’m not being homophobic here. I’m talking about the complete breakdown of law and order, where the distinction between wrong and right has been turned on its head (and it is wrong, very, very, very wrong, for people of any sexual stripe to be engaging in orgies in public parks).

Hat tip: RD

UPDATEZombie has filed a report from the Folsom Street Fair, which I last observed about 20 years ago.  I went then to see it purely as a curious spectator, and left quickly, disgusted by the casual perversion of it all.  It’s gotten lots, lots, lots, lots worse in 20 years.  Zombie’s report is hedged with warnings, and you really should take them seriously before reading the descriptions and checking the photographs.  That children were there is shocking.   Those kids are going to grow up craving pure celibacy.

In any event, I mention it here, because it ties in perfectly with this story from Britain about the vanishing line between public and private, especially when it comes to sex in public places.


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  1. I suppose the blurring of the line between public and private is normal. But what enrages me – and I am in a fury – is that these firemen were punished. Transferred to multiple different units. Fined. Forced to attend “sensitivity training”? I want to use a whole bunch of f-words here, but I can’t or won’t, I’ll just say: Sensitivity to WHAT? (Insert as many f-words into that question as you can, yell the result as loud as you can, and you’ll capture exactly how I feel.)

    How can, implicitly, a government make it totally acceptable for a public orgy in a park to take place? That’s what this government has just done. Those men deserved the punishment, not the firemen. What a sickening outrage, what a sick society. Not what the guys did – weirdness happens everywhere – but what the government has done, and what the resultant public reaction is. THAT is where the sickness in this society is present. A collapse is inevitable.

    “That children were there is shocking. Those kids are going to grow up craving pure celibacy.”

    We could all only be that lucky. More likely, they’ll grow up believing that being masturbated in public by many anonymous passersby is normal. That being tied up nude and spanked and whipped in public is normal. Let alone private!

  2. Rather than breathing a sigh of relief that they weren’t carted off to prison, the four law breakers got belligerent — and this is where it gets farcical, in a very pathetic way:

    When people don’t know their place or want a higher station, they get envious and start creating schemes to get more power and status. Or they become uncertain and in need of leadership, i.e. manipulation.

    There are two derivations, fundamental ones at least, of this kind of behavior. One, is called ambition and creates leaders for good or evil. Two, is called megalomania. For the weak, we have a third, called “being a follower”. Of the four, maybe 2 are followers while the other 2 are the leader and sub-leader. Perhaps they have 1 leader telling the other 3 what to do, shrugs.

    First, in the general scheme of things, you get a choice, much as classical liberals get once they pass a certain point in their studies and beliefs. You can pick on people cause you feel weak and you want to weaken others, that is the entropic model of behavior in which progress is made by making everybody else worse off. It is a model of behavior because parasitism and inducing self-destruction (wasps laying eggs inside caterpillars) are survival strategies. Other choice. You can work together in a cooperative group against outside threats, and thus become stronger as a result. This is the civilizatonal model of human behavior. Humans don’t naturally become civilized, so there is no “natural” human model of civilization. Based upon some planning and risk assessment, an individual may choose parasitism or group production as a survival strategy. Both cooperative hunting and parasitism are survival strategies, it just happens to be that humanity thrived on the former rather than the latter in our history.

    The law breakers got belligerent because they felt fear and discomfort at first and when they realized that they were not threatened, they lashed out because they could not function in a cooperative group, aka civilization. As with parasites, megalomaniacs, and people like Saddam, if they feel afraid of you then they will lash out at you regardless of whether you are or are not a threat at the moment. Remember Saddam’s response to the attempted attempt on his life in the Shia regions of Iraq They don’t need you, what they need is for you to be weakened so that they may grow stronger and if this means wiping you out from the face of existence then that is just how it is going to be. The Four are limited by their lack of power, but their status given to them by the UK government allows them sort of an ability to wage proxy warfare. Meaning, rather than attack with their own resources, they are able to use the resources of strangers (government) to impose their wishes upon others. What separates a megalomaniac from a dictator is simply about power progression.

    The desire for law and order is shared by classical liberals and military members. The military wish law and order because they cannot and should not function otherwise. There was a time in the US where recruits were doing drugs in the 60s and 70s, corrupting lawful order and discipline and essentially making a mess of the system. It took a long time for the US to clean that rot out. Yet an army cannot function unless it can impose its own rules and orders on its members, regardless of whether it is the 100% right rules and orders. The reason why civilians wish for law and order is because they cannot function and improve their economic self-worth without it. The army needs discipline and order to kill the enemy and do their jobs, which may or may not contain killing the enemy. The civilians share this need and desire because most people don’t wish to live in a chaotic situation in which you don’t know what you can expect from one minute to another, as is true for gang territories. This seems diametrically opposite, in fact. However…

    The relationship between civilian and military is symbiotic, thus creating one of the fundamental building blocks of civilization which has allowed hunters to work with gatherers and which has allowed cooperative hunting (war) to progress humanity from rocks and fire to nuclear power and concrete.

    The Left is not symbiotic and thus they do not create civilizations, if you can call it that, that are symbiotic.

    Parasitism like predation is essentially a zero game in evolution. Without the need for cooperation or greater group/social dynamics, you won’t need to develop language for better tactical communications nor will you develop the social hierarchy needed to determine how large groups are lead or not lead. Predators have a niche and thus they don’t need to develop intelligence to become better at something they are already very very good at. Parasitism, such as the wasps and their eggs, is a zero sum game because you will never become stronger by exploiting the weaknesses of others. This is simple military doctrine. You don’t become stronger by attacking another person’s weak points. You simply expend energy to accomplish some (hopefully) useful goal.

    Life, or complex organisms, are based upon multi cellular systems working together cell by cell, system by system. It is better to work together as one than to be divided into three or more parts called Kurdistan, Sunni Baghdad, and Shia Basra each pursuing their own goals and projects unrelated to the security of all. A complex organism can help its other cells survive, even if it requires sacrificing some cells due to injury. Some lose all, while all gain some. It is essentially communism and socialism. You can see the differences in such a thing, though. A human body is ruled by one mind, while the same cannot and should not be said for a human civilization and nation.

    The everybody for themselves mentality is shared in amoral familism and tribal cultures. This is why America is more powerful than a tribal region or a nation based upon amoral familism (i.e. Corruption and Nepotism and Mugabe stuff) The Socialists say America is powerful because she spends, wastes, money and gets even more money through natural resources (meaning aristocratic inheritances) and exploiting the poor everywhere. The reason why socialists see things this way is because parasitism is their only model for success, survival success. For them to win, someone else has to lose. That someone is you. That is why they both fight against you and accuse you of doing everything that they would naturally feel inclined to do, if they aren’t already doing it.

    Their problem is not that they are powerful nor that they are corrupt. A person using his own money is perfectly ethical when he uses it to further his own purposes. It is just that Soros and people like Al Gore are rich only because of their exploitation of other people. I said before that there are two methods of survival strategy, fundamentally at least. A biologist or student of evolutionary may tell you, but for my purposes, two is enough. It is one thing to be entitled to the sweat of your brow, it is another thing to become powerful through parasitism, which is the classification Soros and Gore falls under at the moment. Not only that, but they are parasites that advocate that other weaker people should give up more of their power, so that rich and powerful blokes like Soros can acquire even more power through their influence of government. Often parasites are indistinguishable from cooperative systems because they are part of those systems, integral parts even. However, a basic analysis would show what the system needs or does not need, through deductive or inductive logic.

    A leader can either become powerful because of his own abilities or a leader can become powerful because he made everyone else look worse than him (or deader than him). The former type of leader can usually strenghten the group that he is leading while the latter… well just look at Zimbabwe. That and starvation should be google words.

    It is a basic fundamental law of the universe, it seems, that whenever a system becomes stronger due to cooperation, the parasites grow because of the bounty and prosperity now available. Parasites can’t live off of unsuccessful organisms or systems. If the host dies… so does the parasite. If a species that is required for a parasite species’ reproduction, goes extinct, then so does the parasite species.

    Would Jane Fonday have made herself filthy rich in the time of the Spartans? I don’t think so. Th Spartans led hard lives under the Law of Lycurgos. No time for parasites.

    This brings me back to Book’s story about the Four gay men. The thing is, you need to make sure that people understand that there are things that they can and can’t do. The Iron Fist makes for a secure and stable society. It also safeguards against parasites or other viruses that would seek to exploit the weak for their own self-interest. Britain has had most of her immunity system and order stripped away. Their fatal mistake was losing the United States. With the States, they could have kept their colonies and developed the world. With the US independent because Britain didn’t bother trying to create a cooperative system of mutual interests, Britain had WWI and WWII and eventually was forced by war losses and population losses to give away their colonies in a show of utter weakness. The slow withdrawal of Roman legions, it mirrored. Just as Rome withdrew her legions from Britain and caused a Dark Age in Britain, so did Britain repeat the act in the Middle East and other parts of the world. It remains to be seen whether America will follow in such historical footsteps.

    The consequences for being lax on corruption, decadence, and social disorder is a future without any hope at all.

    Pinochet, Chain Kai Shek, and the Shah of Iran are known as tyrants that weren’t good for their people. However, the thing is is that chemotherapy isn’t good for you either. It is your only hope for a better future, however. In fact, it may be your only hope for any future. Chemotherapy weakens the body systems because the body is already almost taken over with malfunctions and dysfunctional ideas. It is this time of great societal weakness that people like Castro, Mao, Khomeini, etc can take over as a virus takes over a cell.

    I find it fascinating how basic cellular and evolutionary principles are mirrored in human behavior and society. In this sense, engineering does scale up.


    You might find that interesting, Book, since it is a youtube video of anti-Americanism in Europe.

  4. […] 26, 2007 by Bookworm Britain continues to confuse me.  Four men who had an orgy in a public park received formal apologies because fire fighters stared at them.  On the other hand, a man getting it on with bicycle (yes, that’s not a typo) was arrested […]

  5. […] consider myself a libertarian when it comes to private sexual activity.  I am not, however, a libertarian when it comes to sex in public places, and a men’s bathroom is a public place.  I have on many occasions been out with the […]

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