Please, please, please nominate me

(I could also have titled this post “hubris.”)

I decided to nominate myself for the 2007 Weblog Awards and submitted my name for the appropriate Ecosystem category (1001-1750).  Now that I’ve done that, your help would be appreciated.

What you can do is go to the 1001-1750 nominations page.  At comment number two, you’ll see my self-nomination with a little plus symbol in the same box as my nominating comment.  Click on that plus symbol, and you will have promoted my blog for the review committee.  Many thanks if you decide to do this.


12 Responses

  1. That was easy!

  2. Consider yourself “voted for”!



  3. Am I allowed to vote everyday or is this a one and done? Remember , I live in the Chicago area where the motto is ” Vote early, and often.”

  4. You’re so funny, Rock! I don’t know the answer to that, and it’s not in the FAQs. You can try, but I wouldn’t want to be known as the nominee who stacked the vote! 🙂

    And thanks to all of you for linking and clicking.

  5. Now, now. You can’t outdo me, Rock. I’m originally from Louisiana. And I have LOTS of dead relatives!

  6. Hey, Bookie,

    I seconded and voted for you.


  7. I just checked and you have 24 next to your plus! On your way, Toots!

  8. Well, I did try again today and the site would not accept another vote from me. Good luck anyway, Book.

  9. Well, why wouldn’t I vote for you?

    I think I was #27.

  10. Voted twice. Also voted on the blogger page that required the registration, the one you posted about a few days before this post.

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