Is the Rush thing going to be another Democratic fiasco?

I’ve kept quiet about the phony “Phony Soldier” attack against Rush because others are exposing the Dem’s idiocy much better than I could and, up until about five minutes, I didn’t feel I had anything even marginally original to add.  What occurred to me five minutes ago, however, was the old saw about “know your audience,” and I thought that I’d pass this one on.

The Democrats understand that Rush fans know that this is all a scurrilous and false attack against Rush.  I don’t doubt that members of the military also know that this is a scurrilous and false attack against Rush, because they can’t be ignorant of the fact that Rush, not Harkin or Reid, or any other Democrat, has been their faithful friend.  So it isn’t going to play before that audience.

The Democrats also know that their base loathes Rush and thinks he’s Satan incarnate.  They hate him because he’s a conservative, and the conservatives are fascist war mongers.  The base, then, is going to know that this whole “scandal” is a fake, but they’re not going to care.  They just like seeing the attack.  But you don’t gain any additional political traction by peddling obvious lies to your base.

So the intended target must be the people who don’t care one way or another about Rush (non-fanatic Democrats, casual Republicans, and Independents).  But not caring about Rush is not the same as not knowing about Rush. Everybody in America, unless they’ve spent the last years under rocks, knows of Rush, and knows that he’s the King of the Conservatives.  And if they know that much, they also have figured out that, subject to a few RINO exceptions, the Conservatives are the party that pretty much unreservedly supports the military — as opposed to the Democrats, who are traditionally very anti-military.  So it seems likely that this audience, hearing about this “controversy,” might be the one group that thinks “something’s not right here.”  And if the members of his audience care even a little about this curious inversion of normalcy, they’ll investigate and discover that the Democratic Congress is lying through its teeth.  And really, that’s not good for the Democrats.

So tell me again, what audience are the Democrats playing to?


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  1. I suspect this brouhaha, besides playing for the lib-lefty base that despises Rush because he has an audience and Air America filed Chapter 11, is a distraction from the MoveOn.Org NYT advertisement. It’s like those 4 Brit gays engaging in a squalid little orgy in the park and having flashlights shined upon them by the firemen. Rather than admit any shame they pounce upon the firemen with a j’accuse of intolerance and insensitivity. The Democrats and their media allies can strike the same righteous pose, an exercise in posturing (and regarding that letter to Clear Channel Communications signed by 21 Democrat senators, may I remind you of my comparison of the U.S. Senate to a wax museum).

  2. I think this was a tit for tat sort of thing among Senators.

    The tit was the resolution against the NYTimes and MoveOn, the Rush thing was the tat.

    Senators are in a small bitchy club. They know each other much too well.

  3. What was the overlap between Senators who voted against the MoveOn resolution and the signers of the Clear Channel letter?

    Glose to 90% I would guess.

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  5. BW,
    “Congressman”, “ex Marine” Murtha may be successfully sewed be the true Marine Murtha slandered in the Haditha incident. It just occurred to me that, farfetched as it may be, playing up and totally misquoting Rush’s phony soldier comments may be an attempt to poison the jury pool.
    Or it’s just a further illustration that there is a just and loving God. And He’s rendering our enemies mad prior to their destruction.

  6. It may be a tit for tat thing in the minds of some senators, but you ought to know better than to take that point of view, Mike. The NY Times and Moveon actually DID it. Like it or not, guilty as charged.

    Limbaugh actually didn’t. It’s made up stuff from word one.

    Don’t conflate those two things, because they don’t conflate.

    Harry Reid is not misspeaking, he is lying. Period. Harkin is equally not misspeaking, he is lying. Period.

    But you raise an interesting question, Book: to whom is this nonsense expected to play? Who doesn’t know better?

    I guess the uneducated, uninformed, halfwit vote. Which, given the number of democrats hanging around Capitol Hill, must be a truly vast conspiracy.

  7. Of course the one candidate who receives more support from US soldiers than all others combined is Ron Paul – a paleoconservative who has little in common with Rush Limbaugh.

  8. a paleoconservative who has little in common with Rush Limbaugh.

    Is that like being more Marxist than the Marxists?

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