I don’t think I’m going to get Alzheimers

Something, of course, is inevitably going to get me at the end, but it’s probably not going to be Alzheimers. A few years ago, the Nun Study established that people who wrote complicated sentences as parts of complicated essays were less likely to get Alzheimers. As those who read my blog know, my sentences are almost serpentine — although, as a friend said, I never get lost in my parentheticals (not when I speak, either).

It now turns out that, in a study that has “me” written all over it, people who are driven are also less like to get Alzheimers:

A surprising study of elderly people suggests that those who see themselves as self-disciplined, organized achievers have a lower risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease than people who are less conscientious.

A purposeful personality may somehow protect the brain, perhaps by increasing neural connections that can act as a reserve against mental decline, said study co-author Robert Wilson of Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center.

Astoundingly, the brains of some of the dutiful people in the study were examined after their deaths and were found to have lesions that would meet accepted criteria for Alzheimer’s — even though these people had shown no signs of dementia.

“This adds to our knowledge that lifestyle, personality, how we think, feel and behave are very importantly tied up with risk for this terrible illness,” Wilson said. “It may suggest new ideas for trying to delay the onset of this illness.”


4 Responses

  1. This certainly explains my Mom…..who worried for years about getting Alzheimer’s, as she cared for both her parents – first one and then the other – while they underwent years of dementia before departing this mortal coil.

    She’s 85 and limping – broke hip, then fell again recently – but her mind is still quite sharp. She bemoans her inability to do three things at once in the kitchen anymore, but she’s still more with-it than many 60 year olds.

  2. That’s like my Mom, whose memory is still better than mine. Even slowed down, she’s faster and sharper than most.

  3. Bookmarking now thanks, are you on twitter?

  4. This is a topic close to my heart cheers, found you through Bing.

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