Abba’s “Cassandra”

I blogged a couple of days about an Abba song and just now found a video of them singing that same song. Enjoy the lyrics, the harmony, the underlying disco rhythm, the music’s lyricism, and the great early 1980s look to it all:


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  1. A followup to my earlier post. If you want (relatively) obscure Abba spinoffs from the early 1980s, how about this one from Frida (a/k/a Anna Frijlingstad–I am sure that I just butchered the spelling of her name), with Phil Collins on drums and backup vocals: It just SCREAMS 1980s……….

  2. Nothing to be embarrassed about, liking this group. I spent a few weeks working with them some time ago, and I’ll tell you something: Anna-Frid and Agnetha can flat SING – in any era, by anyone’s standards. That is a pair of voices worth listening to – and Anna-Frid is perfectly capable of tackling opera. These two butterflies warmed up by shattering crystal backstage – they both did it without effort.

    The sad thing is they so rarely perform anymore, because they are also among those (John Denver, Don and Phil Everly come to mind) whose voices grow richer, increase in depth and get broader as they age.

    I don’t think any of their “classic” songs ever remotely challenged them.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, JJ. From the little bits and pieces you drop occasionally, it’s clear that you’ve led an interesting life.

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