I don’t think Seymour Hersh likes President Bush very much

There aren’t a whole lot of facts in Seymour Hersh’s interview with Spiegel online, but it becomes clear that, while he fears President Bush for being on a mission for God (Seymour’s opinion), Ahmadinejad’s pronouncements that he’s going to destroy Israel and have the bomb soon are totally copacetic. I’ve included some examples of his answers below, but you’d do well to read the whole thing for yourself, assuming you have the stomach for a fact-free, recycling of 1960s tropes (Communists? What Communists?).

As you read the interview, keep an eye on the fact that, in response to direct questions, Hersh is often what we lawyers call “non-responsive.” That is, he’s answering, but he’s not answering the question. Instead, he’s reading off of an endless loop in his own head:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: [Regarding the possibility of a nuclear Iran] Is this just another case of exaggerating the danger in preparation for an invasion like we saw in 2002 and 2003 prior to the Iraq War?

Hersh: We have this wonderful capacity in America to Hitlerize people. We had Hitler, and since Hitler we’ve had about 20 of them. Khrushchev and Mao and of course Stalin, and for a little while Gadhafi was our Hitler. And now we have this guy Ahmadinejad. The reality is, he’s not nearly as powerful inside the country as we like to think he is. The Revolutionary Guards have direct control over the missile program and if there is a weapons program, they would be the ones running it. Not Ahmadinejad.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Where does this feeling of urgency that the US has with Iran come from?

Hersh: Pressure from the White House. That’s just their game.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What interest does the White House have in moving us to the brink with Tehran?

Hersh: You have to ask yourself what interest we had 40 years ago for going to war in Vietnam. You’d think that in this country with so many smart people, that we can’t possibly do the same dumb thing again. I have this theory in life that there is no learning. There is no learning curve. Everything is tabula rasa. Everybody has to discover things for themselves.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Even after Iraq? Aren’t there strategic reasons for getting so deeply involved in the Middle East?

Hersh: Oh no. We’re going to build democracy. The real thing in the mind of this president is he wants to reshape the Middle East and make it a model. He absolutely believes it. I always thought Henry Kissinger was a disaster because he lies like most people breathe and you can’t have that in public life. But if it were Kissinger this time around, I’d actually be relieved because I’d know that the madness would be tied to some oil deal. But in this case, what you see is what you get. This guy believes he’s doing God’s work.

Would it surprise you to learn that, seeing things as he does, Hersh is a cut and run kind of guy? He also accuses Bush of “ethnic cleansing.”

Now “ethnic cleansing” is a loaded term and one that Spiegel highlights at the top of the article to catch the reader’s interests. As I understand it, ethnic cleansing means deliberately targeting an ethnic (or religious) group by (a) slaughtering it or (b) forcibly removing it from it’s lands. Hersh has a much looser application. According to him, the sole result of the Surge — and the reason fatalities are dropping — is that people are hunkering done in ethnic enclaves (that would be the Kurds who were doing that all along, especially when Saddam tried to murder them all) or hunkering down in religious enclaves (that would be the Sunnis and Shias, who are moving away from each other, not because American soldiers are killing them, but because they’re killing each other). How does he know this? Simple: “I think that’s a much better reason than the fact that there are a couple more soldiers on the ground.” With rock solid research like that, you’ve just got to trust the guy’s conclusions, right?

Incidentally, Hersh is not satisfied with the Leftist rubric that Iraq is Vietnam all over again. That’s too ordinary. He goes further:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: If the Iraq war does end up as a defeat for the US, will it leave as deep a wound as the Vietnam War did?

Hersh: Much worse. Vietnam was a tactical mistake. This is strategic. How do you repair damages with whole cultures? On the home front, though, we’ll rationalize it away. Don’t worry about that. Again, there’s no learning curve. No learning curve at all. We’ll be ready to fight another stupid war in another two decades.

It’s possible that Hersh’s conclusions are correct (although I’m inclined to doubt them). But if you were someone actually neutral on the issue, seeking information, would you take seriously a man who has no facts that he can assert, but simply engages in mindless name calling, supported by casual conclusions based on his gut instinct. This is not an investigative reporter. This is a lazy guy who is living in the past and can only recycle tired old ideas without any awareness that he’s not reporting on the same old situation.

UPDATE:  I did a rather facile analysis about Hersh’s tone.  Laer took the time to expose the gross factual errors underlying Hersh’s statements.   If you want to know more about how dreadful Hersh is, you need to read Laer’s post.


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  1. “Ahmadinejad’s pronouncements that he’s going to destroy Israel and have the bomb soon are totally copacetic…”

    Frankly it’s astonishing how misinformed people are. Ahmadinejad never ever said he would have the bomb. He has said that he is not seeking a nuclear weapon and moreover, the Ayatollah Khameini, the true ruler of Iran, has said that nuclear weapons are contrary to the basic tenets of Islam. The announcements being made pertain to the mastery of uranium enrichment. This enrichment occurs under IAEA supervision and the uranium is enriched to 3 – 5.0%, a purity sufficient for nuclear power but nowhere near the 95% enrichment level needed for a bomb. Thus far the best Iran has been able to muster is 3.6%; 5.0% has been unattainable. This enrichment process occurs under IAEA supervision and there is no way you could enrich beyond 5% without the IAEA detecting it.

    Furthermore, Ahamadinejad never said he was going to destroy Israel. He doesn’t even command the military forces in his regime. What he said was that “the regime occupying Jerusalem will someday vanish from the pages of time,” a quote paraphrased from the Ayatollah Khomeini. Ahmadinejad has clarified that this regime change will occur via a democratic process in which all the people of Israel-Palestine will be endowed with equal rights and equal participation in the democratic process. That’s how he envisions the “vanishing” of the apartheid regime occupying Jerusalem.

    Finally the ethnic cleansing perpetrated by primarliy by the Shiite death squads has been well documented by numerous sources. Putting a drill to someone’s head because he is of the wrong ethnicity, posting letters and notices on the homes of ethnic minorities telling them to leave before they are killed, and following through with the executions is ethnic cleansing. Google Dahr Jamail, Sam Rassouli, or “Iraq+El Salvador Option” to learn more.

    Also you can click on my name to hear an interview about what Seymour Hersh calls our “redirection.” We have now taken the side of the Saunni Baathist against the Shiite government and government backed death squad.

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  3. You could be right, Sam, and it would be lovely if you were. The fact is, though, that Iran’s behavior vis a vis its nuclear capacity has not been on the up and up over the years, and I don’t see any reason that we should believe either everything it says or the IAEA’s conclusions. The former is hiding things; the latter isn’t looking very hard. For more info that contradicts your sanguine conclusions, check out these randomly gathered sources of information:





  4. Hersh is an enemy combatant.

    As for Amanie, him saying that he and Iran doesn’t believe in nuclear weapons technology is like Sharpton saying that institutional racism is directed against blacks by whites. Maybe he believes what he is saying… maybe.

  5. And here’s James Lewis on why we should care if, in fact, Iran is nuclearized: http://www.americanthinker.com/2007/10/did_ajad_predict_armageddon_at.html

  6. I got an alternative explanation for why Amanie said that there were no homosexuals like you have here in the US, in Iran. Technically that is true. For you don’t have homosexuals living free and unusually open life styles in Iran as you do here in the US.

  7. Also Iran is correct that capitalism, western traditions of liberty and common law, and communism are weaklings compared to the power of Islam and the submission to Allah, the one true God.

  8. Hersch is a suoer hero here. Naomi Klein was in the German Spiegel Online on Fri or Sat complaining about how unfree the press is in America. Were he in Russia, Hersh would be glowing in the dark.

  9. Aw shucks, Book. You deleted Swampy’s post comparing Seymour Hirsch to Socrates. I thought it was so perfectly loony that it brought a smile to my hardboiled countenance.

  10. This link tells you what is meant by “we don’t have homosexuals in Iran like you do here. In Iran, homosexuals are thought of as women trapped in male bodies. That’s why they offer free operations for those who want to change their sex (from male to female, that is. Women into men would be too much for them to handle.)

    Speaking of Seymour Hersh, you can read, see, or hear his interview with “democracy now!” by clicking on my name above.

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