Fences to keep the unwanted out work

Apparently the feds, after going through all the bureaucratic steps, are fence building like crazy along our Southern border. An even better thing is the fact that, where the fences have already gone up, the number of illegal immigrants has gone down:

New barriers have had an effect in San Luis, once one of the busiest crossing points in the nation. Immigrants by the hundreds would jump over the steel-mat fencing and disappear into nearby neighborhoods.

That route is now blocked by two new layers of fencing: a 15-foot-high steel-mesh secondary barrier and a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire.

The number of illegal immigrants apprehended daily in the area has dropped from 800 to as low as 15, according to Border Patrol officials.

If you read further, you’ll see that a number of those immigrants simply shifted their efforts elsewhere, which is why a longer fence is better than a shorter fence. I’m just pointing out that, where fences lie, they work, something the Israelis have discovered as well.


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  1. When you leave your doors wide open, you are saying “Hey you! Come on in!”

    When you lock them and post a sign saying “Do Not Enter”, only the criminally minded will enter.

    In the past, borders used to be implicitly respected. Only people in local communities regularly crossed the border to visit, and then only for a couple of days at most. Now we have vast population migrations, and yes, we have implicitly been welcoming them, even to the point of the manner in which illegals are hired.

    It is time for the fence to go up: We are closing our open doors, and putting up the DO NOT ENTER sign. It is sad to have to, but now we do have to.

    And you’d better believe me, it will work, it does work, it has always worked. The advocates of Open Borders fight the physical fence precisely because they know how COMPLETELY EFFECTIVE it is.

    Bush’s business cronies want to put in the virtual fence because they know they can pretend there is a fence. Who would ever thought that perhaps the most powerful enemy of border security would be deeply entrenched within the Bush Administration itself? How Bush’s cronies must HATE seeing this fence finally go up! Power to the People, we have spoken, and indeed we have won.

    Unless this is all a trick, which it still could be. Putting up 10% of the fence doesn’t accomplish a damn thing except quiet us down. On this particular issue, Bush’s cronies don’t care whether Bush or Clinton is in office, nor McCain nor Giuliani. They will, all of them, keep the border wide open, for these business interests. Not for the fringe leftist groups, but the business groups! How sad.

    We must continue to insist that the border be enforced. The illegal immigrants will in fact respect it if we do it. And they will in fact finally begin to respect US as well.

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