You always discover the “thinkos” later….

I wrote a lengthy article about a week ago, and submitted it to the American Thinker. It got published today. In it, I opine at length about the disconnect between the new name liberals have given themselves — “Progressives” — and the actual regressive nature of so many of their views. It’s an okay article, so I won’t be shy about having you read it. The problem for me is that, when there’s that long lag time between writing and publication, when I finally get around to reading the article, I see all sorts of little writing errors, such as using the word “quickly” twice in two sentences. These aren’t “typos,” because they’re not mistakes my fingers made; they’re “thinkos,” because they’re careless writing mistakes my brain made. Sorry.

UPDATE:  Thomas Lifson, who edits American Thinker, and is a gentleman in the best, old-fashioned sense of the word, sent me an email apologizing for his editing mistakes.  Let me state here and now that the mistakes I wrote about above were all mine.  As I noted, there were no obvious typos, which are, in fact, the kind of mistakes it’s helpful to have an editor catch.  Instead, the mistakes were thinking, stylistic mistakes, and rested purely on my shoulders.  The nature of American Thinker is not such that the editor should, or should be expected to, rewrite the lengthy posts that have to go up with such a rapid turnaround time.  Any awkward prose is my responsibility, not his, which is why I apologized here and why he shouldn’t have to.


10 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t sweat it – I assume that, if they were bad, the editors at American Thinker would have caught them.

  2. Swamp, I think you need to cut back on the morning coffee. That last post is completely incoherent.

  3. Tri — you’re right. It was so unintelligible, I spammed it as part of my new policy comments. For subsequent readers of this comment line, I can assure you that Tri was correct and that it was a word soup post, with no discernible meaning.

    Incidentally, Swampy, if you’re reading this, I did not spam the comment you left at the “Death and the Moonbat” post because, even thought was a bit difficult to follow, I thought you did make a point, and weren’t just randomly waffling on.

  4. If “thinkos” of this nature are the only problem, you don’t have a problem. I just got done reading it and found it excellently lucid and right on the mark.

  5. As people may have noticed, I didn’t say anything. Sometimes wisdom comes in silence rather than in parades.

    I can assure you that Tri was correct and that it was a word soup post, with no discernible meaning.

    The Biblical Language of Babble that Kathy mentioned?

  6. My point was made and that is why you removed it. Sheesh it was my best piece yet if I have to say so myself !! I quess I know I’m good when you have to remove my comment. !!! Yes !!!! But darn how will people learn ?
    Don’t worry Book I’m patient if you are a little slow in following things .

  7. What did I say about the pigeons in the thread about the change in BW comment policy?

  8. Actually I’d be reluctant to delete Swampy’s posts. They are usually more incoherent than offensive and blessedly short.

  9. I’m with you, Z. I mostly wanted to tip Swampy off to the fact that I’m watching…. 😉

  10. I think I have a new category to use with my high school students who wait until 10 p.m. the night before a paper is due to write it and then wonder why they sound incoherent. “Thinkos”–I like it.

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