One disgruntled Obama supporter

Obama is and, to date, always has been a small timer.  Although he’s aiming for the highest office in the land, which is pretty much the highest office in the world, his practical experience is minimal, and it keeps on showing.  His latest move, to support the DREAM act which will encourage in-state tuition fees for illegal immigrants is getting shrieks of outrage — from his own base.  Thus, Jill Chapin, a self-described Obama supporter, has this to say:

This bill resonates with your base in a way that will ensure your losing the nomination. It smacks of unfairness, of people at the end of the line getting to move up to the front. It appeases the non-citizens while enraging registered voters. It makes us question your priorities. In a perfect world, all children would have access to a first-class education. But the United States simply cannot educate the world.

So your first allegiance should be to poor, disadvantaged American citizens who would salivate at the chance of attending an out of state school at in-state tuition rates. If there are resources left over to then help legal immigrants, then it is reasonable and right to help as many of them as we can.

Life is not fair, Senator Obama. Our schools are failing our own kids; until their needs are addressed, you are not in a position to use your influence to fund the world’s education. And you should not be rearranging truths to suit your agenda. Changing the language of our immigration laws simply to allow those of illegal status to be reclassified as legal, with all the benefits that change implies, is an insult not only to Americans but to legal immigrants. They have all played by the rules and are now shoved aside as others move in front of them. Your message seems to be that our laws are pliable, subject to what is politically expedient at the time.

Your biggest supporters such as I fear that we were so desperate to find a new kind of candidate that our gullibility in believing in you has been exposed.


If you hope to win the nomination for President of the United States, then you shouldn’t be campaigning for President of North America.

Ms. Chapin’s analyses, both of the DREAM Act and of Obama, are completely correct.


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  2. Dead on. I’m going to blog about this as well.


  3. Ms Chapin’s words are so powerful and if they impact Senator Obama as much as the have moved me, then he has my support.

  4. You know…I keep getting the feeling that the illegals are the new “blacks”, and the politicians (I was going to write “Dems”, but both parties have participating members on this issue) keep pandering to them. They seem to forget that blacks could/can vote, the illegals can’t – at least theoretically. Instead, they seem to be blissfully unaware that those who _can_ vote don’t really want to be the sole support of illegals who bring nothing but a burden on all the government systems – local and national. Are they really that stupid?

  5. Gullibility is the key phrase. Obama was the repository for liberal vanity, the hope for a candidate who was uncompromised and righteous and multiracial, the Tiger Woods of American politics. Obama looks and sounds like a CGI inspired candidate. His supporters were bound to discover the sad fact eventually that he is only human and really doesn’t have that much experience, that Tiger wins golf matches based on drive and skill but Obama only got elected to the U.S. Senate because he had no real opponent, and isn’t as brilliant as they had hoped.

  6. “Are they really that stupid?” I hope that is a rhetorical question.

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