More on San Francisco, the City that used to know how

Thomas Lifson has a good summary of the link up between the usual suspects at work with regard to the San Francisco Film Commission’s decision to deny the Marines the right to film in San Francisco, as well as the MSM’s curious lack of curiosity regarding the City’s conduct vis a vis our military.

Incidentally, I’m not going to take the time to look into City regs, but I find it interesting that the woman responsible for turning away the Marines is almost certainly a Marin, rather than a San Francisco, resident.  That is, Stefanie Coyote not only heads the Film Commission, but she is the wife of actor Peter Coyote, and he is a longtime Marin resident.


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  1. This is not surprising. San Francisco has a vocal cadre of antiwar nutcases that put the kibosh on the City’s bid to house the U.S.S. Iowa as a floating museum and got ROTC out of Cty schools.

    San Francisco Board of Stupidvisors member Gerardo Sandoval famously said on Fox News that the United States should not have a standing army and Stupidvisor Chris Daly routinely introduces board resolutions to oppose the Blue Angels annual appearances at Fleet Week.

    You can’t go wrong bashing the US military in SF. Poor Stephanie Coyote was probably afraid that she’d be hauled before the Board if they found out she had issued a permit to the Marines.

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