Coulter on Ahamadinejad

This is why, even when conservatives feel Ann’s crossed a line, as she has in the past, they still read her articles — she’s nailed the whole Columbia, “free speech,” Ahmadinejad thing.


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  1. Same ole over the top clownish routine schtick by the Conservatives Bozo the Clown Coulter.Exaggerating as always ! Out machoing “Macho Madmood ” always scores an entertains.We need “tough talking steely eyed don’t mess with me because I’m nobodies fool ” Anne to run for the Republican presidential nomination! Anne vs.Hilary. I would like to see that !!!

    ps Who is tuffer talking Anne or Madmood ? Just wondering.

  2. It’s true that Ann Coulter takes a somewhat extreme view at times, but this column seems pretty free of exaggeration. All would benefit if “liberals” extended courtesy to speakers with whom they don’t agree – doesn’t have to be the lovefest that it is for radicals, but polite. This would permit an exchange of ideas – something that seems anathema on too many campuses. I also look to the comments on this site for other reasoned opinions and am always surprised and disappointed when swampacreage “weighs in” with spiteful but, ultimately, empty comments. Why bother?

  3. […] pointed out the latest article by Ann Coulter on the liberal blather about free speech as it pertains to […]

  4. You make a good point Chilynne, about the comments at this site. I am contemplating deleting all comments that are insulting without being substantive. That is, if someone is just calling me names without offering any factual or analytical support for that position, neither I nor my readers should have to suffer that offense. I’ve been letting those things slide, because I thought I was just being hypersensitive, but I’ve now heard from several people that these mindless insults interfere with the ability to debate issues here.

  5. Coulter is occasionally over the top – though I think far less often than probably a lot of people do. Why we feel it necessary to “be polite” when the other side routinely accuses us of being liars, wanting to murder old folks, starve little children and take the food away from school-kids, etc., etc. – is not that pretty raw? As well as untrue?

    Coulter is at least generally funny, even at her most over-the-top. And at the core, what she says and how she says it is rather less important to me than whether what she says is supportable or not. I find that generally it seems to be.

    She indeed nailed Columbia and that pretentious horse’s ass its president. Columbia has a tradition of free and open speech like Ahmadinejad has a tradition of celebrating Passover. In 1967 Columbia ceased being an institution of any kind of learning (forget “higher”) and it has yet to recover.

    And the really funny thing is, the only one who comes off as even reasonable ends up being Ahmadinejad, who, after listening to himself being excoriated for ten minutes by the Head Halfwit, made the perfectly reasonable remark that it struck him as pretty rude top invite someone to speak and then talk that way about him. And he was right! It was pretty rude – not to mention pointless, witless, and even spineless.


    And on the domestic front: as DQ can attest I have been saying for over a year that it’s so easy to ignore our two little friends. Really, it couldn’t be simpler. It’s a snap not to be drawn in. I know you can do it…!

  6. She or her editor picked the wrong title for it. Should have been “Queer Eye for the Islamofascist Guy” — one of the last lines in the article.

  7. I thought Bollinger’s brave dissing of Ahmadinejad put him on the same existential level as the rabbit who assaulted Jimmy Carter many years ago.

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