San Francisco once again takes a stand against the military

Two things are going on in San Francisco that demonstrate that City’s abiding dislike for the American military. The first thing to note today is that the Board of Supervisors is set to vote on Supervisor Chris Daly’s umpteenth attack against the Blue Angels. I’m confident that it will fail but reiterate my warning that Daly is going to keep trying until everyone becomes so bored that he’s able to slip it under the radar and make it a done deal. The second thing is a news report that San Francisco’s Film Commission has refused the Marines permission to film a recruiting commercial.

UPDATE: There is a misnomer in my post. Steve Schippert, writing at The Tank, has a better name for the City that used to know how: “the semi-autonomous North American region known currently as San Francisco.” That’s just too funny.

UPDATE II:  As I predicted the resolution failed.   Michelle Malkin has the best epitaph for this latest attack:

Will Daly give it a rest now? Not bloody likely. As sure as fog rises over the bay, you can count on hardcore leftists in San Francisco to keep attacking the military. It’s in their DNA.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Book, why don’t we make a gift of San Francisco to our loyal Japanese allies by allowing Japan to annex San Francisco. You know, as a peace gift, to symbolize the many anniversaries of WWII.

    The US forces occupy Okinawa as a naval and Marine base, so it would alleviate local concerns and pride by giving them San Francisco to have Japanese SDF forces there to replace US military forces. Everyone would benefit, Book.

  2. There is obvioously no valid reason for not allowing the US Marines to do a recruiting film on the streets of San Francisco. What is the reason to prevent this? It apparently is okay for a gay parade with floats and degenerate performances on the streets of the city, however, the Military which goes to the ends of the earth to protect the freedom for these gays to perform, is not allowed to ask for recruits via a film in the city. Is this a correct synopsis of the situation or does the city want to deny facts?

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