It’s happened before; it can happen again

Muslims have a history of targeting their enemies children. One of the worst acts of Islamic violence against children occurred under Arafat’s old PLO in 1970:

Nahariya/Avivim School Bus Attack, 1970

On May 8, 1970 there was a brutal attack on an Israeli school bus by Palestinian terrorists who crossed the Lebanese border.

Avivim, an agricultural community established in 1963, is just metres from the border with Lebanon. Settled and built from the ground up by Moroccan immigrants, the majority of the residents belonged to one of two families; Peretz or Biton. The local council bus picked up children each morning to take them to two schools.

The terrorists knew the schedule of the bus and were able to ambush it. They fired on the bus, killing the adults instantly. The bus driver continued until he himself was shot. Then the bus crashed, injuring many of the remaining children. The attack caused the death of 9 children (aged between six and nine) and 3 adults, and left 19 others crippled for life.

The terrorists were never apprehended.

Just recently, Palestinians proudly boasted of an attack on an Israeli school, and promised more of the same.

The mother of all Muslim school attacks, of course, was in Beslan.  The terrorists deliberately targeted the school and, it was obvious, intended at all times to slaughter as many children as possible. They succeeded in their goal, killing almost 200 students and more than 100 adults, not to mention the more than 100 people wounded.

Marc Sheppard has been sounding a tocsin that it can happen here — but no one seems to be listening. This deliberate tactic of ignoring things isn’t because it’s just a loosey-goosey fear from the “paranoid” right. The fact is that the radical Islamists haven’t been shying about making their plans known:

Nearly 6 months have passed since I first challenged the inexcusable refusal by DHS and FBI authorities to publicly connect the obviously connectable dots representing an unnerving number of alarming events — particularly in the wake of the Beslan school massacre. These include:

  • Videotapes confiscated in Afghanistan showing al-Qaeda terrorists training to takeover a school [newly available Video]
  • Spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith‘s declaration of al-Qaeda’s “right” to kill 2 million American children
  • An Iraqi national with known terrorist connections caught with a computer disk containing information detailing Department of Education crisis planning for U.S school districts.
  • Two Saudi men – one wearing a black trench coat despite the Florida heat — terrifying a busload of Tampa schoolchildren by boarding a school bus and remaining for the entire ride to school, all the while laughing and speaking Arabic.
  • A March FBI/DHS bulletin noting “recent suspicious activity” by foreigners who drive school buses, are licensed to drive them, or have actually managed to purchase them right here at home. Including “members of the unnamed extremist groups” who have obtained commercial drivers licenses with school bus endorsements.
  • Osama bin Laden’s promise that the 2004 terrorist attack at Beslan will happen many times over in the United States.

In that time, little or nothing has been done to relieve parents’ understandable anxieties, despite the fresh dots which continued to accrue on this disturbing non-puzzle.

Dots like the seventeen full-sized yellow school buses reported stolen from charter schools, business schools and private bus companies in Houston, Texas, over the past few months. Connect to that and previous disturbing stories the fact that thousands of school bus radios have also been stolen (2000 in California in 2005 alone), and the images shaped should be triggering earsplitting alarms throughout all branches of media and law enforcement.

But instead — the silence looms apparent while the question remains: Why?

If you’d like to have good cause to start shrieking, with the kind of ear penetrating scream that might work its way into the brains of our law enforcement agencies and politicians, you better read the entire article, here.

8 Responses

  1. In order to defeat ruthless and brutal enemies, one must become even more ruthless and harsh. Such is the law that says human beings cannot breath water as if it was air. Can it be changed by technology and such things as rebreathers? Perhaps modified, but it is only an illusion. Remove the technology and the reality is still. THe same applies to smart bombs, nukes, and other technologies. Such things are illusions of ruthlessness, of will, and of power. They are not power, they are only the tools by which power may be exercised. In order to exercise power you must first have the will, and there is no will present against a ruthless enemy unless you also are willing to embrace the hell.

    Those societies, civilizations, and what nots disappeared just like the neanderthals, those compassionate socialist society that took care of their wounded but were pushed to extinction by the far more aggressive cro-magnons.

    At least, that is one theory. Regardless of what the cause is, history is full of Carthages and Romes and Warsaw Jewish Ghettoes for anyone’s needs.

  2. You are right, and it is every parent’s worst nightmare. I can only hope (literally) that there are enough brave and alert and knowledgeable men and women of action (including John and Jane Does) standing between our kids and these terrorists to continue thwarting their sick, evil plans. Speaking of which, some Muslims even claim to have a religious justification for killing non-Muslim children:

    You can’t even call such people civilized. They are cannibals.

  3. It’s comforting to think that such an atrocity would be met with a near-genocidal response, and that maybe it would wake up the deniers and enablers in this country to the reality of Islamic terror. But over the past few years I’ve started to wonder if some new terrorist horror in America might achieve the Islamists’ goals.

    In terms of sheer awfulness, wasn’t 9/11 enough? Surely if anyone wasn’t awakened by that, no new horror could do so. The people who claim it was a government conspiracy, or who say we had it coming, would say the same about a school massacre. Moreover, they’d claim that the new attack was the fault of our “cowboy” government getting us involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    On 9/11 the nation was shocked and stunned out of our conventional thinking, and for a (very brief) time we were united. But now after six years the forces of division, of appeasement, and of outright treason are organized and entrenched. They’d get their message out before the bodies cooled: this is Bush’s fault, this is America’s fault.

    I hate to say it, but a new terror attack on America might be exactly what the Left needs to solidify their grip on power and abandon the fight against Islamic terror. Osama likes to say that the West is decadent and weak, lacking the will to fight, and there are many in America today eager to prove him right.

    What can we do? As noted, try to get our government moving to prevent a new attack. Get ready, psychologically and materially, to respond at once to the appeasers if a new attack happens. Be ready to demonstrate, to show the flag, to engage them and not back down.

    Because if they succeed, the world is truly looking at a new Dark Age. If America abandons Iraq, in ten years we’ll be faced with the choice of a truly genocidal nuclear war against Iran and its terrorist empire, or extinction at their hands.

  4. Glenn Beck has been all over the possibility of Islamofascists conducting an attack on a school here, or a series of attacks on several schools. The fact of the matter is that we are completely unprepared.

    The Fort Dix Six lived literally around the corner from me, and they were only caught because they were stupid. Had they been smart, they would have been able to engage in their planned horror. However, what occurred to me as the news unfolded was just how many soft targets, INCLUDING SCHOOLS, were within a five minute drive of our neighbourhood, including the largest high school in the region, a middle school, and five or six elementary schools.

    Beslan was not an anomaly. It was a blueprint………..

  5. Tri,
    You say
    “It’s comforting to think that such an atrocity would be met with a near-genocidal response, and that maybe it would wake up the deniers and enablers…”

    I fear you’re wrong. The deniers and enablers are completely silent on this problem. Yet, when it happens, they will only point their fingers at the current government and accuse it of incompetence. They should take a good look in the mirror, too, but be assured, they won’t. It’s all about the government, never about taking any responsibility themselves. They don’t WANT any responsibility. They want to be happy little sheep on the government farm.

  6. […] things in Marin Posted on September 26, 2007 by Bookworm I blogged yesterday about the terrorist threat against children.  Today, I learned that, although it was almost […]

  7. Which is more futile and a waste of time: people who don’t see 9/11 as a wake-up call from the terrorists, or conservatives who keep waiting and wailing for dim bulbs to “wise up”? “What will it take to open their eyes?” –I hear that bitter complaint so often and it seems dumb and dumber. Who’s in denial here? Don’t count on such people to ever wise up. They are too emotionally messed up to ever allow themselves to fully “get it.” Get over that and do what you have to do.

    I still feel that despite media attention poured onto loudmmouthed reality deniers (after all, the outrage sells advertising and energizes politicians to jump on bandwagons), in this huge country there are far more rational and clear-thinking people (even if most remain silent most of the time) than idiotic truthers and others who can’t or won’t deal with reality. They constitute that “slumbering giant” FDR talked about, and the “moral majority” of all political persuasions that once supported Reagan. They and now their children are still out there, for the most part too busy to hang out int he blogosphere; they are making America work and keeping Americans safe.

    People who can’t connect the Islamofascist dots clearly are hard to work around in local settings, and that is frustrating and draining. Continue to counter them. Those of you who live in liberal bastions have a right to feel discouraged, betrayed, and vulnerable. But give up expecting them to change their spots and keep working around them and to counter their effect in every way you can. Believe me, they do not reflect the minds of all Americans.

    I think the way to go here is to find out what your local school system is doing about this, and if the answer is nothing, light a fire under their tails. This kind of problem is probably better handled on a very local level, with eyes and ears of close-knit individuals who all know each other on alert. I see lots of changes in my own local community since 9/11. Changed policies and much more vigilance here. Will it be enough? What more can be done?

    Bookworm, you do good work by bringing this to people’s attention. Keep it up. And talk to your kids’ teachers, other parents, your local police, school board, etc. Keep hammering, but don’t waste too much time on lamenting the incorrigible ostriches.

  8. […] attack multiple American schools, in effect repeating the horror of Beslan on American soil.  Now Bookworm posted a good historical analysis of Islamo-Fascist attacks on schools and posts this […]

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