At least someone’s not afraid of teenagers

Daniel Hannan was riding a train in England when he found himself under a fusillade of saliva.  You might find enjoyable, as I did, how he handled it.  Many of the commentators shared the same thought I did, which was that he took quite a risk doing what he did — but they still liked the outcome.


4 Responses

  1. Just goes to show you: Always carry a bottle of water with you. You never know when it will come in handy — or how.

  2. Perhaps by his action he stopped them from going one step further the next time: say, tripping an elderly woman “accidentally” while she was slowly moving down the aisle. And then another step further, and then another…

  3. Talk about drunk.

  4. THey’re still young. They won’t achieve true “caving head in of bystander on street” level until they reach older levels and hang around with older boys.

    Their media teaches that if things are bad in your life, blame America. So if that’s logically acceptable, why not blame just anyone else you take a fancy to on a local street?

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