The inimitable Mark Steyn on Hillary Care

After pointing out Hillary’s draconian get insurance or be unemployable, Steyn analyzes the numbers of uninsured:

Nobody really knows how many “uninsured” there are: Two different Census Bureau surveys conducted in the same year identify the number of uninsured as A) 45 million or B) 19 million. The first figure is the one you hear about, the second figure apparently entered the Witness Protection Program. Of those 45 million “uninsured Americans,” the Census Bureau itself says over 9 million aren’t Americans at all, but foreign nationals. They have various health care back-ups: If you’re an uninsured Canadian in Detroit, and you get an expensive chronic disease, you can go over the border to Windsor, Ontario, and re-embrace the delights of socialized health care; if you’re an uninsured Uzbek, it might be more complicated. Of the remaining 36 million, a 2005 Actuarial Research analysis for the Department of Health and Human Services says that another 9 million did, in fact, have health coverage through Medicare.

Where are we now? 27 million? So who are they? Bud and Mabel and a vast mountain of emaciated husks of twisted limbs and shriveled skin covered in boils and pustules? No, it’s a rotating population: People who had health insurance but changed jobs, people who are between jobs, young guys who feel they’re fit and healthy and at this stage of their lives would rather put a monthly health-insurance tab towards buying a home or starting a business or blowing it on booze ’n’ chicks.

That last category is the one to watch: Americans 18-34 account for 18 million of the army of the “uninsured.” Look, there’s a 22-year-old, and he doesn’t have health insurance! Oh, the horror and the shame! What an indictment of America!

Well, he doesn’t have life insurance, either, or homeowner’s insurance. He lives a life blessedly free of the tedious bet-hedging paperwork of middle age. He’s 22, and he thinks he’s immortal – and any day now Hillary will propose garnishing his wages for her new affordable mandatory life-insurance plan.

So, out of 45 million uninsured Americans, 9 million aren’t American, 9 million are insured, 18 million are young and healthy. And the rest of these poor helpless waifs trapped in Uninsured Hell waiting for Hillary to rescue them are, in fact, wealthier than the general population. According to the Census Bureau’s August 2006 report on “Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage,” 37 percent of those without health insurance – that’s 17 million people – come from households earning more than $50,000. Nineteen percent – 8.7 million people – of those downtrodden paupers crushed by the brutal inequities of capitalism come from households earning more than $75,000.

It ain’t broke, so Hillary’s definitely going to “fix” it.”  Read the rest (you know you want to) here.


7 Responses

  1. Yet another demonstration of why Mark Steyn is the best in the business.

  2. I had a wonderful moment the other day – I wonder if I was the only one?

    I happened to glance at a TV in passing, and there were OJ going to jail and Hillary telling us all about health care. Holy cow! I thought, it’s 1994 – what happened to 13 years? Have I somehow inadvertently stumbled on time travel?

  3. I personally despise Hillary and think that her or any other Democrat’s health care plan would be disastrous for the country. However, if some 22 year old people do not buy health insurance because they think that they are healthy, I think we should garnish their wages for emergency coverage. Because if they get into a car accident, there are 2 other alternatives: letting them die or taxpayers picking up a tab. So, emergency insurance, just like car insurance, should be mandatory. Or they can deposit $30000 for it, again, just like for car insurance.

  4. Eric,
    What about the 3rd alternative? They pay for it. Trust me, it happens. It may take years of making payments, but it does happen. Of course, some don’t bother. Illegal aliens aren’t too worried about credit scores or law suits.

  5. Free healthcare, prepaid by something other than Hillary’s account.

  6. Tap,
    That is exactly my point. As it is right now, they don’t have to pay for it. Some, perhaps many, do, out of sense of honor. But many don’t pay. That is why they have to be forced to pay. Of course, they can be forced to pay after the fact. But it is much harder because there is no large pool of people paying. Besides, how do you force someone to pay, when there is no incentive? You still have to involve government force. So, you might as well give those people a choice: either buy health insurance or pay for emergency coverage through the government.

  7. “Of course, they can be forced to pay after the fact. But it is much harder because there is no large pool of people paying.”

    By what reasoning do you find it okay to force one person to pay for another person’s expenses??

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