The best word on Dan Rather (so far)

I’ve read a lot of posts and columns about Dan Rather’s lawsuit, and have concluded that I think Jonah Goldberg has written the best one yet. How can you not like a column with this kind of writing:

Dan Rather seems divinely inspired to crash more times than a Kennedy driving home from an office party. The multimillionaire semi-retired newsman is suing for $70 million, $1 million for every year he’s been alive since he was 5 years old. Which is fitting, because that’s what he sounds like. The gist of his lawsuit is that CBS used him as a “scapegoat” in the Memogate story to “pacify the White House.” The swelled-headed former anchor, who used to brag incessantly about his toughness and independence, also whines in his suit that the network forced him to apologize under duress when “no apology from him was warranted,” and that the former managing editor of CBS News “was not responsible for any such errors.”

Indeed, according to Rather and his lawyers, the only mistakes made were by CBS management, which, in its eagerness to “appease angry government officials,” had the temerity to apologize for passing off fake documents as real ones in a news story intended to sway a presidential election.

I now await Mark Steyn’s take on the subject, which should be just as good.


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  2. You always find the good stuff, BW.

    If I were Dan Rather, I think I’d be doing everything in my power to NOT bring this little smear-gone-bad back to public light. He has nothing to win from this (including the case itself), and it will only allow the public another opportunity to mock his reporting and arrogance.

  3. Actually, I liked how he described “…a grand coalition of people who delight in watching one of the 20th century’s most pompous gasbags fall from the top of the laughingstock tree and hit every branch on the way down. ”

    That’s a keeper!

  4. Discrediting the media and making them into the laughing stocks of the world, is a very effective strategy in information warfare

  5. Scott D, you’re not Dan Rather, and you ought to thank God for that. The man’s ego must be visible from space and I amsure in his own self-centered Dan Rather World he feels perfectly justified, almost a martyr. God, I hope to live to see the day when these pompous elites in media, academia, the arts and politics are overturned and land with a loud rumbling plop on their complacent, arrogant asses. I believe America deserves better than this parliament of whores.

  6. Zhombre, you gotta be right. Only the idea that these self-righteous jerks are so insulated with yes-men/women in their echo-chambers could possibly rationalize such a poor decision.

  7. CBS is now going to pay for the decision to treat the whole episode as an inside-baseball thing. They sacrificed a few people, but put their own interests first, hung on to Dan, and tried to pass it off as an isolated incident.

    So, by failing to address the issue as one of grievous damage to the public, they have put themselves into a position where they are going to have to pay off Dan to get him to shut up, or defend themselves at the cost of having the true depth of their bias come out.

    CBS got here through behaving as if they could still control what gets out and what doesn’t. It always worked before, didn’t it?

  8. What worked before may not work now, eh? I’d surely love to see the whole edifice come tumbling down.

  9. “I’d surely love to see the whole edifice come tumbling down.”

    zhombre, I’d like to pull the whole rotting ediface of lies down with my bare hands. Nothing warms my heart more than hearing about layoffs at some newspaper.

  10. I think it’s only a matter of time. I have two friends who work in newspapers. One is bailing. The other one isn’t, but admits the internet is killing the business, and doesn’t even bother to pick up the newspaper delivered to her house daily because she’s on the internet.

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