The alignment of the Left

One more thing, related in a way to the SF mural post I did earlier.  Yesterday, I did a post about that amazing collection of photographs that came to the US Holocaust Memorial, showing photos of the Auschwitz staff (guards/management) at play.  My post was fairly banal, in that I made the unoriginal observation about the horrifying normalcy of evil, which is part of why the Holocaust looms so large in the collective memory:  we can’t separate ourselves from the perpetrators because they are not alien savages; they are like us.

What was much more interesting than my post was the horrible anti-Israel comments I got, all of which denigrated the Holocaust by saying the Jews are now, and were at their founding, just as bad.  Even more interesting was the fact that these comments relied on Leftist Israeli academics who promote this viewpoint:  Benny Morris and Victoria Buch.  (The commenters seemed not to know about, or care about the fact, that Morris has been repeatedly exposed for manipulating the material to the point of fraud, not to mention the fact that this heroic intellectual, fearing Iran, has shifted dramatically rightward, perhaps as he contemplates the real meaning of a real Holocaust, not just a Leftist defined event.)

As my sister-in-law pointed out having seen the two posts in tandem, Leftism trumps and absorbs everything in its path and reduces it to the simplistic level of oppressors and victims.  Then it tells all who are neither Jewish, Israeli nor an old-fashioned patriotic American that they are in the victim category and must make common cause with all other victims.


2 Responses

  1. American Leftists have consciously chosen to embrace evil.

    I don’t think it’s just Bush-hatred, or their fetishizing of anyone who claims to be “oppressed,” or even residual Marxism. I think those are all pretexts; post-hoc justifications.

    Leftists are consumed with hatred. They hate religion (except the hate-drenched forms of Islam, which they embrace). They hate America. They hate modern civilization. They hate rational thought. They hate human beings as a species.

    In any rational world, Leftists would be recognized as mentally ill, but because great numbers of them are superficially glib or talented at the kind of monkey-typing “creativity” prized in academia, they have too much influence in society for that. So they continue with their self-appointed crusade of destroying everything good and true, and celebrating murder, perversion, and madness.

  2. What better symbol for the Blue States (read Democrat, read Leftie) than The Beatles “Blue Meanies”, who spoiled all fun, painted everything grey and finally gobbled up everything, including themselves.
    Truly prophetic!

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