Just a reminder that Rudy’s marital history probably shouldn’t matter

If I didn’t say this would happen over and over again, I certainly hinted at it or, at least, laid the groundwork for its inevitability.

I’ll just add here that it’s the height of chutzpah that Hillary (by proxy) is leading the attack against Rudy Giuliani on marital grounds.  Unlike the other Demo candidates who appear to have pretty strong and apparently normal marriages, Hillary’s marriage with Bill, while it has lasted, falls a little too neatly into the traditional paradigm of the abused, weak women clinging desperately to her abusive, womanizing husband.  (This citation will lead you to the some of the worst that has been said about the marriage.  Even if some of it is false hearsay, Bill’s repeated, public sexual transgressions lead to the inevitably conclusion that at least some of it is true.)  Is Hillary really the candidate who wants to have marriage made fair game?

(And sorry for the light blogging today, but work called and I had to answer.)


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  1. I took the survey you steered us to a few days ago on issues, (sorry, I’ve forgotten the name and where it wasm from) and what struck me most about my own responses was the “relative importance” box in the right column.

    99% of the questions related to issues that were of very low (really, “no” – but “low” is as low as the survey would take you) importance to me. Nonsense about which I could not possibly care less.

    The Clintons do not have a marriage, they have a business deal, and by this point it ought to be plainly apparent. (Whether Bill got drunk one night, raped his wife, and nine months later Chelsea appeared, as was the state trooper-fuled rumor in Ark., I don’t know. Or care.)

    As Ed Koch said: “All the rest of it is nonsense for the puerile, there is only one issue inb this election: terrorism. Everything is either window-dressing or a waste of time.”

    Concentrate, he was saying (and I was, oddly enough, agreeing with him – I often didn’t) on the important stuff.

    My father was 28 years older than my mother, which meant that when my mother was in her years of maximum parenting (Captain Mom!) – he’d been there, and back again. I grew up on a working farm. It used to really torque my mother than we (the kids) would often drift in a few minutes late to dinner. Far too casual behavior for her, and she’d make an issue out of it.

    Over heard conversation between parents:

    Dad: “Sherry, right on time would be better manners – but it isn’t really important.”

    Mom: “Manners are important.”

    Dad: “True – and they have them. But let’s not worry about it too much. This is a farm. They drive tractors. They pull wheelharrows and cultivators. They use chainsaws. They use hay-rakes. They use balers. Let’s worry about the things that can kill them – and on time performance at dinner isn’t one of them.”

    We only have one real problem right now – but it can kill us. That’s what we worry about. Miedical care for all, no child left alone, Rudy Giuliani and his six wives, etc., etc. – it’s nonsense. It’s not important right now.

  2. Hear, Hear, JJ!

  3. Hillary running a proxy campaign that is always on the attack, won’t be anywhere near “fair”, Book.

    Take lying about WMDs. Does it ever reflect upon the Democrats lying in Congress? No. Why? Because those on the attack and able to use whatever in their arsenal against those on the defense restricted to certain less powerful munitions, is not a fair fight at all. It’s a massacre and in massacres, the defenders rarely if ever get to counter-attack. Unless somebody moer powerful like the US rides in to the death camps, of course.

  4. Hello? Did Hilary marry her cousin like Rudy Giuliani did? I don’t think so.

    Phony Israel-first conservatives may not care, but in fly-over country no one’s voting for a gun grabbing, fetus killing, incestuous joke like Giuliani.

    It doesn’t matter how many Arab hating neoconservative racists he appoints to his staff.

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