How New York should handle Ahmadinejad’s proposed visit to Ground Zero

Much cyber-ink was spilled today about Ahmadinejad’s insistence that he visit Ground Zero. The upset, of course, was that we knew he wanted to go there, not to mourn, but to gloat. As it is, the matter was a tempest in a teapot, since his request was denied.  (But see the update, below.)

Next time the matter arises, though (and it will), I do have a suggestion for how to handle the visit. My idea comes from a story I heard about Teddy Roosevelt’s tenure as president of the board of New York City Police Commissioners. I don’t know if it’s a true story or not, but if it isn’t, it should be.

The story goes that, while Teddy occupied this position, a famous German anti-Semite came to speak in New York. Because he was such an incendiary speaker, and because he was journeying to a City that already had a huge Jewish population, the German man demanded police protection. Despite the outcry from people who would rather have seen the man stopped at the border, or left to his own devices on New York’s hostile streets, Teddy agreed to the man’s request. The German and his followers were convinced they had emerged victorious, until the morning when the German’s police protection appeared. It turned out that each of the armed men surrounding him was a Jewish police officer. The story ends there, but one has to assume that the man spent his entire visit haunted by the fear that, if someone were to attack him, his guard would be slow, very slow, to protect him.

So, perhaps, if Bloomberg eventually feels compelled to allow Ahmadinejad to visit the site, the mayor should make sure the assembled guard is composed of Jewish police officers or officers who are refugees from the Iranian revolution.

UPDATE: Whoops. Seems it’s back on again, so apparently my idea is still in play. Anyone in government listening?


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  1. The New York bureacracy isn’t that efficient.

  2. Authorize a driver from Iran’s revolutionary guard and a few Iranian guards for Amanie. Then grab one of his shaped charge IEDs he funneled to the volks in Iraq, and use a captured IED of that origin to set an ambush for Amanie. The rest will follow.

  3. Ahma thinking we shouid ask Larry ” Mississippi Stance ‘” Craig to meat (sic) him at the air[ort !

  4. TR had the right idea.

  5. How about a police guard composed of Persian exiles?

  6. Don’t forget the K-9 guard!!!

  7. Former staff from the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, who were held hostage by Ahmadinejad and his cohorts, ought to be there to finger him as one of the ringleaders.

  8. And women guards too.
    Of course, now there would be a big fuss about being culturally insensitive to Ahmadinijad’s beliefs.

  9. I think as a gesture of goodwill, Ahmadinijad and his entourage ought to be provided with a complementary lunch of Hebrew National hot dogs and pork rinds.

  10. 2007.09.21 Politics and National Defense Roundup

    Senate bill to cut funds for troops failsS.A. Miller The Senate overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would have cut off funds for U.S. combat troops in Iraq, as Democrats said that staging repeated failed votes for a pullout is a

  11. Hi,

    Just some FYI:

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Friday

    Freedom’s Watch President Bradley A. Blakeman released a statement and a copy of the print advertisement it has requested to be run in the Monday edition of the New York Times.

    “Freedom’s Watch could not sit back and allow a terrorist to come to
    America masquerading as a world leader. We have an obligation to warn the
    world of the dangers of a nuclear Iran and to uncover the true intent, that
    being, the destruction of the United States and the State of Israel.

    Let’s be clear, Iran today kills American soldiers in Iraq and they will not stop
    there,” said Bradley A. Blakeman, President of Freedom’s Watch.

    The text of the advertisement follows:

    Ahmadinejad Is A Terrorist

    Columbia University is wrong to give him a platform.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatens our nation and the
    freedoms we value. He has supported attacks on our soldiers and our allies.
    He should be treated as the terrorist that he is.

    Yet, while Columbia gives a terrorist like Ahmadinejad a platform to
    speak, they refuse to allow the ROTC on campus.

    What has happened to this prestigious university?

    People who support killing Americans are welcome. But the military that
    defends them is not.

    Columbia should be ashamed of its actions.

    Freedom’s Watch knows that America and the forces of freedom are right.
    We know the threat of terrorism is real. And we know Democracy must

    The terrorists and their appeasers are wrong.

    “And God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon
    experience a world without the United States and Zionism.”
    — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    (CNN, 10/27/05)


    Thank You Freedom’s Watch For Taking A Stand For OUR Country And Troops!


    General David Betray Us

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