A new dawn in Iraq?

I’ve now visited five different sites that have urged people to read Michael J. Totten’s Anbar Awakens Part II : Hell is Over.  I did, and I now urge you to read it too.  It paints a huge paradigm shift in that troubled region which, if it can have a ripple effect, may spell a sea change in Iraq.


3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, Michael Totten’s and Michael Yon’s truly incredible journalism will never gain them the accolades they deserve from the decadent journalist establishment, but what they are doing is truly remarkable. I have been handing out their blog addresses to participants at our church’s “packages for the troops” events. Many of them have relatives serving over there and are starved for the “real” news that Totten and Yon provide.

  2. Proof that the only reason Al Qaeda ever found a safe haven in Iraq was because they were useful in helping Iraq’s secular sunnis fight an insurgency against our illegal occupation.

    Now that the US has made a truce with the Sunni’s – on the same terms they offered us three years ago – and is undertaking a redirection against the Shiites, the Sunnis have dispensed with Al Qaeda.

    Too bad we never got serious about getting rid of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Instead we’ve squandered American blood and treasure for a needless war in Iraq. Worse yet, the neocons are still pushing for a war with Iran.

  3. Despite the U.S. military command’s frequent assertions that the primary threat to U.S. forces in Iraq comes from Iranian meddling, its real problem is that Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi army is determined to end the occupation and is simply too big and too well entrenched to be weakened by military force.

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