I “heart” Fred Thompson

I didn’t know I was a Fred Thompson kind of gal.  I’ve been pulling for Rudy Giuliani, in large part because I think he can win over whatever Democratic candidate eventually emerges from the primaries.  However, thanks to Cheat-Seeking Missiles, I discovered the “Candidate Calculator,” where I learned that I’m a Thompson supporter — by a 94% margin.  Who knew?


5 Responses

  1. Hmmmmm … I learned I am a Romney supporter, with Thompson not far behind, and Giuliani, whom I have thus far supported and who remains my preference, trailing at 80 percent match.

  2. I come out a Rudy Guy, which doesn’t surprise me. But Mitt comes in second, which amazes me.

  3. I wind up a Tancredo guy. Thompson a close second. I am a Fred supporter. Maybe Tracredo as VP?

  4. I had thought that I was a Rudy guy, but stunningly, I came out as a Romney man (82.08%)! Rudy did come in second, though.


  5. Well, I thought I was a Rudy guy and sure enough I got an 85% match up. But what I Iiked most about the poll is that no one was below a 50% match. Wow, I’m 50/50 on Edwards….It’s so counter intuitive because we think our differences matter, but from a global point of view we all think the same!

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