Good reading this morning

The Terrorism Awareness Project has a compelling slide show exposing just how far-reaching Jimmy Carter’s war on the Jews is, and the myriad lies on which his position is based.

Christopher Hitchens supports the US decision to disband Hussein’s army in Iraq and to build a new army (and takes Bush to task for having over the years bought into the opposing prevailing wisdom, that it was a mistake).

If this story is what it appears to be on the surface, it is yet another reminder that bureaucracies are blundering things that are dangerous in their inability to think.  On the other hand, if there’s more to this story than meets the eye, I wonder what that more is.

Rich Lowry explains why the new version of HillaryCare is, in its own way, just as bad as the old one.  This one wouldn’t coopt the free market, it will just make infinitely worse the semi-free, very costly market that already exists.

Dennis Prager explains the goals driving the liberals who have co-opted journalism, the judiciary and education, and why they have so dramatically changed the functionality of these American institutions.

The Times has given up on its effort to hide parts of itself behind a curtain, available only to paying viewers.  They did get paying viewers, but it appears they lost so much in ad revenues from those who were curious but unwilling to pay that the grand experiment is over.  As for me, while I always did enjoy attacking Krugman’s manifestly stupid statements, I think I’ve enjoyed even more not reading him in the first place.

Mary Katharine Hamm infilitrates Code Pink and it’s not pretty.  Apparently old Leftist Hippies never die, they just get more and more rank, physically and (if you’ll pardon the oxymoron) intellectually.

Denis Keohane has a pithy analysis of Democrats, General Patraeus, and the old-fashioned monkey trap.

I went to a movie a month ago, and every preview of coming attractions that we saw was for an anti-War, anti-Government film.  I thought they all looked lousy, and suspect I would have thought the same even before my political transformation.  Didactic movie making simply isn’t fun.  I left wondering (a) who will see those movies and (b) whether Americans will turn out in numbers for an old-fashioned style war movie that has us (the Americans) up against a real life bad guy (such as jihadists).  It turns out that my hypothetical question but get a real try-out in movie theaters next week, because a new film, The Kingdom, is going to have good guy FBI agents going after bad guy Saudi Jihadists.  I hope, hope, hope it does well.

Regular commenter Lulu sent me an email pointing out that I hadn’t written anything about the fact that Israel wasn’t just flying into Syrian airspace, but was almost certain taking out North Korean nuclear material that was heading for Iran.  She’s right.  To me, anything that could be said was being said better elsewhere:  Israel will be thanked in later years, just as people are grateful for what she did in Iraq in 1981; and it was obvious that Syria was caught doing something naughty, because if she was innocent of nuclear violations, she would have been screaming longer and louder about Israel’s actions.  The really interesting story here is the way in which the MSM is resolutely ignoring the story and its broader implications about North Korea, Iran and nuclearization.  And as to that, you all know what I think….

Kathryn Jean Lopez has a good, but scathing, column attacking the partisanship (especially on the Left, right now), that leaves American politicians (especially those on the Left, right now) incapable of dealing with an enemy that will happily kill all us (even those on the Left right now).


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  2. Can anyone verify that North Korea has pulled out of the six-party talks? That’s damning. There’s no reason for them to pull out, unless their criminal, dangerous actions have just been revealed, exposing the six-party talks for the sham, subversion, and facade that they really are.

    Yes, yes, all we need to do is talk! And everything will become just simply wunnerful! Across the entire rosy world! If only we would talk! If Obama were President, we’d have had all those wunnerful little talks, and everything would be just peachy right now.

    The six-party talks with North Korea show just how perfectly wunnerful all that U.N.-controlled talking would be. Don’t they?

    I’d say more about how wonderful talking with North Korea is, but there was just this huge, horrible bright flash from the direction of Tel Aviv, followed by this powerful rumbling that nearly shook down my house. I’ve got to go step outside to see if there’s a big thunderstorm coming my way…

    Did I say Tel Aviv? Silly me, that was last year, 2009. Today, in Sept. 2010, it just happened in Dallas, Chicago, and New York. If only we’d talked more!

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