Immigration and other European ideas for America

As I noted in my post title, this is interesting, if true:  it is a post that claims that a European policy institute, working closely with the UN, is determining large facets of American immigration policy, with special emphasis on settling Muslims in the Midwest.

If this is indeed true, it it reminds me of the International Baccalaureate Program that is being touted at more and more American schools that emphasizes academics.  I freely admit to knowing little about the program, but I have heard that it teaches Euro-centric values that may please some parents, but may be distasteful to many others, who believe that it has strong Marxist leanings and that it preaches a UN centric internationalism that is inherently anti-American.

As it is, I suspect that only on the upper liberal echelons do American values march in complete harmony with European values. As David Gerlernter wrote after witnessing the Democratic attack on General Petraeus, one facet of the by-now-commonplace desire to see America lose is motivated by Europe-envy (emphasis mine):

Americans are so accustomed (or inured) to this attitude that they rarely step back and ask, What the hell is going on here?

The issue isn’t tactics–doesn’t concern the draw-down that the administration has forecast and General Petraeus has now discussed, or how this draw-down should work, or how specific such talk ought to be. The issue is deeper. It’s time for Americans to ask some big questions. Do leading Democrats want America to win this war? Have they ever?

Of course not–and not because they are traitors. To leading Democrats such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Al Gore and John Edwards, America would be better off if she lost. And this has been true from the start.

To rephrase the question: Why did Harry Reid announce months ago that the war was lost when it wasn’t, and everyone knew it wasn’t? The wish is father to the deed. He was envisioning the world of his dreams.

The Democrats’ embrace of defeat is inspired by no base desire to see Americans killed or American resources wasted. But let’s be honest about it, and invite the Democrats to be honest too.

Appeasement, pacifism, globalism: Those are the Big Three principles of the Democratic left. Each one has been defended by serious people; all are philosophically plausible, or at least arguable. But they are unpopular (especially the first two) with the U.S. public, and so the Democrats rarely make their views plain. We must infer their ideas from their (usually) guarded public statements.

Globalism and Euro-envy are explicit, sometimes, in Democratic pronouncements–about the sanctity of the United Nations, the importance of global conferences and “multilateralism” (except in cases like North Korea, where the president already is moving multilaterally), the superiority of the Canadian or German health care system, and so forth. The Democrats are not unpatriotic, but their patriotism is directed at a large abstract entity called The International Community or even (aping Bronze Age paganism) the Earth, not at America. Benjamin Disraeli anticipated this worldview long ago when he called Liberals the “Philosophical” and Conservatives the “National” party. Liberals are loyal to philosophical abstractions–and seek harmony with the French and Germans. Conservatives are loyal to their own nation, and seek harmony with its Founders and heroes and guiding principles.

I have to admit to being a former Euro-centric thinker.  I grew up in a very European household, and the forces to which I was exposed both within and outside of my home all had me thinking modern Europeans were smarter, more sophisticated and quite simply better in every way than the primitive, simplistic yokels in America.  I therefore believed that we should emulate them whenever possible.

Funnily enough, though, after each of my many trips to Europe, although I was always staggered by the beauty surrounding me, naturally, architecturally and artistically, I was so grateful to be back in America, and became ever more appreciative of American values and American people.  Now, I look at Europe and, while I can still appreciate its good sides, I am increasingly appalled by its knee jerk anti-Americanism, its rising anti-Semitism, its stagnant economic policies, its rising dhimmitude.  I therefore hate the idea of seeing my kids raised as I was to think blindly that Europe is better than America.


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  1. Teenage obstinancy and rebellion may work against the Left. Of course the Left will pull out the fascist and communist indoctrination programs, where you don’t get a say.

    The UN accomplishes two objectives. They destroy the soul and progress of America, economically and socially, by dumping their unwanted here. Often this benefit America because America was a harsh land and those that came here, like the Puritans, had to go hardcore on pragmatism. There was no time or resources for intellectual marxism or any such games.

    The second objective the UN accomplishes is dumping societally disruptive figures from their places to the US. Like the Salafis. Plenty of Muslims from elsewhere, and plenty of tribes and dictators for the UN to work with.

    Europe and the UN is perhaps hopes that the cancer eating at Europe can be alleviated if the US can be made to feel just as miserable. Thus the US won’t be such a great example of Europe’s failure. With that, they can rule as is their divine and ancestral right, without nagging reminders that the US is better, more powerful, wiser, etc.

  2. Shouldn’t the local municipalities receiving these people have a say in all this? Our unique American culture not to mention the individual cultures of our sections are being systematically destroyed by this kind of immigration, not to mention massive illegal Mexican immigration.

    This was a method used to destroy the Spartan colony world in SM Stirling’s “Prince” series.

  3. After all Book, they cannot in good conscience send people like these to the United States, even if they were willing to go. Why, that would make things worse since the “non-progressives” would join America, be empowered, and simply be harder to eradicate afterwards. But Salafis, Muslims, and others that are also non-progressive but also natural allies of the humanitarians… now that is something else, Book. That’s a usable weapon, something that would not strengthen America. but rather weaken her.

  4. What do Americans see when they visit Europe? Hollywood stars see 4 star hotels, fawning press, perhaps the villa of a friend where the local wine merchant has stocked the cellar with vintage bordeaux. College students see the bars and galleries and art theaters showing vintage European films. Package tourists see Big Ben, Notre Dame, and Neu Schwanstein. Diplomats see other diplomats. And academics converse with other academics about grand theories.

    I doubt that many see the bannlieues or eavesdrop on conversations at working class bars. They don’t hear about family problems and they don’t read letters to the editor in local papers. Most see exactly what they expect to see. And when a European comments on the prudery and provinciality of Americans, they return home thinking that America needs more skin in its films and more enlightened utopian conversation. They feel shame at our plumbers and the clerks in Walmarts. They don’t know that most Europeans don’t live in the charming country cottages that grace the pages of the decorating mags. And they don’t know that the salesperson goes home at the end of the day with tired feet–just like Americans.

  5. “Do leading Democrats want America to win this war? Have they ever?

    Of course not–and not because they are traitors. To leading Democrats such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Al Gore and John Edwards, America would be better off if she lost.”

    I am sure that Quisling felt the same about how the Nazis would improve his beloved Norway. Treason is treason.

    As far as your Euro-inclinations go, been there…done that! I remind my kids whenever they go there to admire the age-old art and architecture in Paris…but never forget that it was built by indentured labor. I tell them to admire Europe’s scientific and philosophical contributions, but never forget that they gave rise to the most murderous humanistic ideologies ever recorded in history. Finally, I remind them that Europe was then, but we are now.

    There is much that I love about my European roots, but nothing that takes away from my sheer pride in and appreciation of being American first and all that it entails. Those that have never experienced otherwise will never know.

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  7. An excellent post. The stories handed down through my family stressed that nobody who emigrated to America wanted to go back “home” to the Old World. That would’ve been crazy! They felt well shut of it, and they knew what they were talking about. Though family ties pulled strongest on their hearts, there were good and compelling reasons why my own immigrant ancestors picked up and left. Never had anybody in my family going backwards to Europe. The Old World had been suffocating my ancestors for generations and offered no happy future. Emigrants had the same motivations, whether they were English fleeing religious persecution in the 1600s or Welsh seeking better job opportunities and living conditions and education for their kids in the 1800s, or whether they were Prussians fleeing poverty, ethnic strife and imminent war in the early 1900s. The immigrants themselves were always well sure they had done the right thing. America offered more, including more respect and freedom for the individual.

    I would be dishonoring their stories, their sacrifices, and their legacy if I didn’t keep a good eye and a good memory on what and why they left and what they found here that I enjoy, too. I am proud to have come from such smart, plucky, and innovative people, who saw the truth about the Old World (and I don’t think much has changed) and acted on it. I share your views, on this, Bookworm. Thanks for this post.

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