Mass killer killed

One more mass murderer is off the streets in Iraq:

An Iraqi militant who was behind last month’s attacks that killed more than 400 members of the minority Yazidi community has been killed, the US says.

Abu Mohammed al-Afri, also known as Abu Jassam, was killed in an air strike on 3 September near the northern city of Mosul, US spokesman Mark Fox said.

He described the man as an associate of the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Some estimates say more than 500 died in the multiple bomb attacks in two villages in north-west Sinjar region.

Another 400 people were injured by the blasts – among the deadliest in Iraq since the US-led invasion in 2003.

Abu Mohammed al-Afri – who was responsible for “the planning and conducting of the horrific attack” against the Yazidis on 14 August – was killed in a coalition air strike 115km (70 miles) south-west of the northern city of Mosul, Rear Admiral Mark Fox told reporters.

Adm Fox described him as an associate of Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

“Abu Jassam is no longer a threat to the Iraqi people,” he said.

I really hate the “neutral” terms “militant” or “insurgent.”  In the old days, the enemies were identified as “the enemy” or by their own self-identification:  Nazi, Communist, North Vietnamese, etc.  I’m sure al-Afri would have been proud to be known as an Al Qaeda operative or an Islamist, but the BBC’s sensibilities are too delicate to call a bad guy by his own bad guy handle of choice.


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  1. My preference is that you take his body and chop off his head, so that the Yazis can see his head on a pike planted at one of the sites of the bombing. It serves as a very good object lesson. People may know intellectually that the US killed this guy, but until they can touch, feel, smell, and see for themselves what happened to the enemies of the US and the Iraqi people, people will not feel the full effect.

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