The results from the Watcher’s Council

The Watcher Council results are in, and they are good.

On the Council side, the winning post was Done With Mirrors’ Contemptible, the title of which already tells you everything you need to know about Callimachus’ attitude towards Brian De Palma’s latest piece of anti-American military propaganda.  The post, though, is more than just a (negative) movie review.  It’s also a rumination about war propaganda and the audiences it serves. Second place went to Right Wing Nut House for The War to Remember 9/11, an elegiac post about national memory, especially as it relates to the painful and fraught memories surrounding 9/11.

On the non-Council side, first place was awarded to the Small Wars Journal for Anatomy of a Tribal Revolt, which examines the shifting nature of warfare in Iraq and how the recent tribalist changes in fighting benefit the United States.  Second place was for the Thoughts by Seawitch’s The State Which Must Not Be Named, a pithy little post about the way in which the media assiduously ignores Mississippi whenever it discusses Hurricane Katrina — since the State’s response to the Hurricane completely fails to fit into the media’s anti-government paradigm.

My own contribution, Why I Support Israel tied for fourth, which was a surprisingly respectable finish for something that was an affirmation of belief, but not really that inspiring or well-written a post.

As is always the case with the materials that find their way to the Watcher of Weasels blog, I commend all to your attention.


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  1. About your article BW, there is an organization based in San Francisco called FLAME. Facts and Logic About the Middle East. This group has been running ads in the national edition of the Washington Times for years. Their web site is Seems to be a very good group.

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