Very naughty boys

Our pasts always return to haunt us.  As Larry Craig continues to dodge and weave around his Fred Astaire moment in the airport stall, enterprising people have, of course, resurrected his own words to use against him.  There’s just something about his tone….


6 Responses

  1. It helps explain why Mr. Craig is having difficulty admitting that he too has been a very, very nasty boy.

  2. Basically his subconscious is speaking and saying you haven’t seen anything as nasty(and forget Bill because I Larry am a jealous perp-perv(PP)) as what I’m capeable of doing(more than just being a not so hipcreep). Yuch, this guy appears to be a smarmy,greasy,pompous look you in the eye and smile and charm the pants off you (or if that doesn’t work,return to his conservative redneck grassroot methods and gross you out in a public washroom ). Bad boy bad boy, what are you going to do when they come for you , bad boy bad boy what are you . . . But innocent until proven quilty for his disorderly bathroom manners ! Don’t you just love those people who can look you in the eye ,smile , twinkle the eyes some more,speak softly and lie straight to your face WITHOUT BLUSHING. What is that all about ? Resign loser !!!

  3. One word: creepy.

  4. I suppose that the wrong thing to suggest would be a good spanking.

  5. Dear Bookworm,
    However little it may mean to you, you should be more careful about taking the name “Fred Astaire” in vain. I thank you, my mother thanks you, and the dance community thanks you.

  6. Danny,
    LOL, thanks! Can you imagine if Larry Craig’s wife had stepped up to the microphone when he was done, and said, “And now I’m going to spank Larry until he wails, so he can’t sit down for a week of Sundays, and then he’s going to bed without supper.”

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