Don’t panic! It’s still me.

It’s probably due to my increasing decrepitude, but I’ve been having a problem reading the dark-gray-on-light-gray text of my own blog. I thought, if it’s a problem for me, it may well be a problem for others. I’m therefore experimenting with a new template. I’ll try this out for a day or two. I think it has the advantage of being easier to read, and of having every post’s date up write right by the post. However, I’m not sure I can get my widgets back up and running, which may be a determining factor for me. I’ll doodle around with this for a day or so and then make up my mind. Your input would, of course, be much appreciated.

UPDATE:  No amount of new templating is going to change the fact that I’m a lousy proofreader.  Right?  Write?  Who knows.  When I’m typing, my brain makes its own decisions.


14 Responses

  1. Much better. More cheerful. My depression is lifting as I read this. :-).

  2. I think it has the advantage of being easier to read

    The only thing that was hard to read was your pink text ; )

    I use Mozilla, so text size isn’t really a problem.

  3. Harder for me to read due to brightness but that won’t keep me away.

  4. I like the new format. Clean and easy to read. I’m a big fan of reading your site in it’s web form, whereas I usually read others in my Google Reader – which is white background and black plain text. For me the content is more important than the graphic design – which is why I read Shrinkwrapped and Dr. Sanity from the reader – they are great commenters, but the designs make my eyes hurt.

  5. I like it.

  6. P.S. It’s nice and clean. I care more about what’s being said than how it looks but I guess the old one was kind of muddy.

  7. Nice, enjoy the date.

  8. The heart of your site is it’s content, as others have said.
    The old formate gave me the feeling of actually reading a book. Of course, I only realized that after you changed it to this format. This is a bit bright on my eyes, but I’ve got irises. They’ll adapt.

  9. Very nice, very clean! The soft blue pastels may keep me calm and free of righteous indignation. 😉

  10. Love the Blue

  11. Book,

    Text is easier to read for this old 3/4 blind guy.

    However, I must use the text enlargement feature of Firefox and when I do, the three column format narrows the middle text into just a word or two.

    But I will continue to read your great posts. 😉


  12. Howdy Book,

    I think this is much more eye friendly for me. I like it.

  13. Bookie,

    I’ve been away on business for just two days — you’ve gone and moved the furniture and painted the whole house — inside and out. Where the he77 am I? 😉

    I liked the template before — suited me just fine. This template is is a tad nicer. Actually three or four tads nicer.
    Well done!

    Now hawzabout a preview window for folks that type even worse than you do?


  14. If you have a wordpress blog, you can preview it in their rich text editor. Although I use notepad mostly.

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