Will the scandals never stop?!

If you picture me now, think of me in a Munch-like scream. I’m overwhelmed by all the scandals everywhere one looks. Believe it or not, I’m not actually thinking about Larry Craig right now. That’s a personal failing. It’s appropriate that he resigned because he apparently committed a criminal act, but it was not an act that went to the integrity of the political process.

Hillary Clinton, however, is a different story. She definitely keeps her bedroom life out of the press (more power to her for that), but there’s no doubt that the scandals surrounding her go to core issues about speech and government. If she’s using dirty money to finance her campaign, that is a political scandal that affects all of us, every single American voter. She ought to be hit hard by these funding scandals, not just by the Republicans, but by the Democrats who have been squeezed to the side by her financial machine.

Anyway, since the Hsu scandal has been getting the most press, I thought you’d like to know that there’s another one sizzling, this time involving Sant Singh Chatwal. The Webloggin editor has done an excellent job summarizing this scam artist and his ties to Hillary, so you should read and enjoy.

UPDATEWizbang has an update on the Hsu scandal, which is beginning to sound like a game of “Where in the World is Carmen Miranda.”


3 Responses

  1. Somehow you expect the Democrats to be corrupt and to be okay with their members being corrupt. So it is not surprising to me anymore that such scandals exist. Nor does it disappoint me.

  2. By continuing to press the Republicans on the hypocrisy issue the Democratic Party is painting themselves into a corner with a trap-door to extinction floor. The more they try to tarnish others with moral lapses, the more they reveal that it is they who lack any moral foundations at all. The excuses they make for their own failings seem completely vacuous. The Democratic Party is dead and will implode. This will happen sooner if Republicans stop playing their game of being manipulated into eating their own.

  3. Hilary Clinton’s “bedroom life” now that’s a mental oxymoron image we can all do without !

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