Practice what you preach.

Does it strike any of you as funny that a Presidential candidate, who is one of the richer men in America, and who just built himself a mansion that checks in at just under 30,000 square feet, is telling Americans to drive smaller cars? I’d be more agreeable to these messages if the preacher were practicing them himself. Heck, I’d even be more agreeable if I didn’t suspect that Edwards has more than one car parked in one of his two garages. One has to ask if Edwards is so insulated from ordinary life and ordinary people that he has no idea how hypocritical he appears.


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  1. Hello Book,

    The ethic of “Do as I say, not do as I do” applies equally well for both parties. The Senator that got caught having debauched anonymous sex in airport bathrooms was the man who politically invented the whole schtick of “Family Values” for the Republicans. That same Senator was also the vitriolic crusader against gays. When he was arrested, some more observant people noticed how he said in effect, “I’ll have your job. Do you KNOW WHO I AM?” This echoes perfect all the rumors you hear of Senator Kerry and that incident with Cynthia McKinley et al.

    On the liberal end you have John Edwards with his 500 dollar haircuts proclaiming his ardent undying loving for the poor and Al Gore flying around in his Leer Jet lecturing the American people for this excessive, effusive love of pollution…

    I for one am glad to see that our “Overlords” are finally being reigned in and corrupt politicians exposed.

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