Orkin’s okay

Hey, everyone.  I wanted to let you know that you can stop calling Orkin now about CNN’s “God’s Warriors” series, since Orkin has been helpful, honest and responsive regarding this show.  Here’s their representative’s latest missive:

Just want to circle back to give the final update from Orkin. We had purchased advertising that was supposed to air on “Larry King Live” on August 21. CNN changed programming to air “God’s Jewish Warriors” without notifying us ahead of time to obtain our approval – which is against our agreement with the network. We have discussed this with CNN, and they are aware of the severity of their mistake. I am told that “God’s Jewish Warriors” was a three-part special which has concluded; however, Orkin has added it to our “do not buy” list, should it re-air in the future. We sincerely thank you for bringing this issue to our attention – we can’t fix a problem if we’re not aware of it.

Also, please read fellow blogger DQ’s post suggesting that those of us with sensitive antennae may have reacted more strongly to Amanpour’s journalism than the average American would.  As I told DQ, I still have a problem with the fundamental principle of the show, that they’re all warriors, because warriors engage in War.  And the fact is that, right now, with the exception of a few nut jobs, the Christian and Jewish fundamentalists, although having beliefs more extreme than most of us, aren’t killing anyone.  This distinguishes them from the Muslim fundamentalists who are at the heart of just about every mass killing worldwide.

Additionally, I’m not sure how many readers are sophisticated enough to catch Amanpour’s “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” attitude about the Muslim Brotherhood, if DQ is correct that she sounded sarcastic when she introduced them as some type peaceful political organization.

Still, as I’ve admitted all along, I haven’t watched the shows, not because I was specifically boycotting the shows, but because I gave up on CNN and Amanpour more than a decade ago, dismayed by their attitude (anti-American, condescending, anti-Israel), and put off by the constant, banal, breathless, thoughtless chatter that characterizes so much of CNN’s 24 hour coverage.


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  1. I thought an opened minded person like you would want to know what is going on all the time(rightfully or wrongfully).But if you want to be special in not watching the special that is okay .

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