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UPDATE:  Hey, everyone.  Thank you so much for taking this post to heart.   You can stop calling Orkin now, though, because Orkin has been helpful, honest and responsive regarding this show.  Here’s their representative’s latest missive:

Just want to circle back to give the final update from Orkin. We had purchased advertising that was supposed to air on “Larry King Live” on August 21. CNN changed programming to air “God’s Jewish Warriors” without notifying us ahead of time to obtain our approval – which is against our agreement with the network. We have discussed this with CNN, and they are aware of the severity of their mistake. I am told that “God’s Jewish Warriors” was a three-part special which has concluded; however, Orkin has added it to our “do not buy” list, should it re-air in the future. We sincerely thank you for bringing this issue to our attention – we can’t fix a problem if we’re not aware of it.

Also, please read fellow blogger DQ’s post suggesting that those of us with sensitive antennae may have reacted more strongly to Amanpour’s journalism than the average American would.  As I told DQ, I still have a problem with the fundamental principle of the show, that they’re all warriors, because warriors engage in War.  And the fact is that, right now, with the exception of a few nut jobs, the Christian and Jewish fundamentalists, although having beliefs more extreme than most of us, aren’t killing anyone.  This distinguishes them from the Muslim fundamentalists who are at the heart of just about every mass killing worldwide.

Additionally, I’m not sure how many readers are sophisticated enough to catch Amanpour’s “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” attitude about the Muslim Brotherhood, if DQ is correct that she sounded sarcastic when she introduced them as some type peaceful political organization.

Still, as I’ve admitted all along, I haven’t watched the shows, not because I was specifically boycotting the shows, but because I gave up on CNN and Amanpour more than a decade ago, dismayed by their attitude (anti-American, condescending, anti-Israel), and put off by the constant, banal, breathless, thoughtless chatter that characterizes so much of CNN’s 24 hour coverage.


My sister, bless her heart, finds politics too upsetting and avoids TV news like the plague. However, she still picks up on things, through some newspapers, the internet, emails and friends. She told me today that, of all the news she doesn’t watch, she hates CNN the most. Her problem with CNN, because she’s a logical thinker, is the disconnect between what it shows and what it says. “How,” she asked, “can it keep touting Muslims as peaceful when all the concerted violence in the world (as opposed to the occasional individual nut job) comes from Islamists?” What a good question. The most recent disconnect, as I’m sure you all know, is Christiane Amanpour’s/CNN’s hatchet job on fundamentalist Christians and Jews, while assuring us that the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful democratic organization. There’s that famous CNN disconnect my sister was talking about. Still the show got huge ratings, which is very worrisome.

I didn’t watch it. For the same reasons that turned my sister off CNN, I too became disgusted with it years ago and never, never, never watch it. I can’t stand Amanpour, who may be an Iranian Christian, but has always struck me as a pure European secularist — hating America and what it stands for. But I’m getting off course with my rant.

What I wanted to say is that the absolute best reporting I’ve seen about the series comes from Robert Avrech at Seraphic Secret. Here are Parts I, II and III. Read, and you’ll appreciate what truly good writing is.

Incidentally, if the CNN series didn’t merely anger you, but made you angry enough to act, here’s CAMERA with information about just how bad the show was when it came to Jews and Muslims. For reasons that elude me, I can’t find the CAMERA webpage with action items, but I got an email spelling them out. Here’s action information that came to be in an email from the erudite Richard Baehr:


CALL CNN and leave a comment: 404-827-1500

Submit a comment on CNN’s “report an error” form:

WRITE TO A SPONSOR whose ad ran during the “God’s Jewish Warriors” program on August 21. Tell the company that you are disappointed that their product or service was associated with “God’s Jewish Warriors,” a program that bashed Israel and unfairly smeared pro-Israel American Christians and Jews as disloyal Americans. Express concern that they tarnished their reputation for integrity by sponsoring such a show and encourage them to redirect their advertising dollars to more journalistically professional networks. Urge them to speak to CNN about the program’s lack of standards.

Remember, be polite! They likely didn’t choose which exact show their ad would appear in, but they can certainly chastise CNN for putting their ad in a shoddy show that angered their customers!

Partial List of SPONSORS:


Submit a comment on their Corporate Responsibility “Contact Us” form:

Or call (408) 765-8080 and ask to speak to CEO Paul Otellini

Raymond James Financial Services

Submit a comment on their website:

Or call and ask for Chairman Tom James or President/COO Chet Helck:

727-567-1000 or 800-248-8863


(Orkin Pest Control is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rollins, Inc.)


Gary W. Rollins, CEO, President and COO

Rollins, Inc., 2170 Piedmont Rd., NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

tel: 404-888-2000 Ask to speak to Gary Rollins

(If unable to speak to, or leave a message for, Gary Rollins, you can leave a message on their “Business Abuse Hotline,” since their advertising department harmed Orkin’s reputation by allowing its ad to run on “God’s Jewish Warriors.”) Business Abuse Hotline: 1-800-241-5689

I don’t have an email for Rollins, but you may get his attention by writing to:

Brinks Home Security

Call Michael Dan, CEO for Brinks Company

Telephone: 804.289.9600



Circuit City

Call CEO Philip Schoonover: 804-527-4000

Other sponsors included:

Direct TV


Verizon Wireless







Centrum Silver

Let CAMERA know if you made a call or sent a comment:


14 Responses

  1. God Swearing Writing Lord (Seraphic/GSWL) is very hard on Godless Secular Warrior Lady (GSWL) Kris er Chistyeeon er I mean Christison Imanpoor er I mean Christi Inotpoor ,oh crap that built like a middle line backer with man hands . . thanks seinfeel . . foreign Korrespondent laydee for Cnn. You no who I meen and how to spill bitter tham mee. What’s Serph’s prob with mullets and kacee er Khakee ,darn it, tan safari outfits. She is hype er I mean hip an kool.Missed a good show !

  2. Asprin’s over there, Book.

  3. Such a pill Y !

  4. Ah does she have a wee wittle feever ? Y,is satrting to spill like mee. Asprin hee hee . IT’s ASPIRIN ! Ya killing me Y !

  5. Ya know you are going to watch it . CNN special tonight about the Jewish faith,the biblical homeland and a Jewish terrorist organization.Go Chrisy go.Here we go Christy, here we go ! Ooh ah Christy on the warpath ,Ooh ah Christy on the warpath !

  6. Drinking and blogging don’t go together.

  7. Book, did swamp get back from his vacation as your court jester? Seems like it.

  8. Bookworm:

    Thnaks so much for the kind words. Watching and then blogging about Amanpour’s wretched special was mentally exhausting. I’m actually worried about my mental health now.

  9. I’m the Assistant Vice President of Public Relations for Orkin, Inc. I was interested to read the negative response genreated from our advertising during the August 21 episode of “God’s Jewish Warriors,” and I’m very sorry you were offended. First – you’re right – we usually buy advertising in dayparts, not by particular shows, so we didn’t buy advertising during this specific show. Second, I have not seen the show mentioned, so I can’t comment on its contents; however, I will take your complaint to the Chief Marketing Officer, and we will consider adding this show to our “do not buy” list of offensive shows where we do not allow our ads to run. No need for an e-mail campaign – you’ve been heard.

  10. I thought Martha Craft (who seems to be the real deal), left a very nice comment. I sent her an email in response, which I reprint here:

    Thank your interesting and helpful comment on my blog.

    As I admitted in my blog post, I haven’t actually seen the CNN show, not because I’m boycotting the show, but because I stopped watching either CNN or Amanpour years ago. I don’t like ’em because they approach news in a way I find both snide and biased. I long ago concluded that life is too short to spend time watching things you don’t like.

    Even without watching the show however, I had problems with the concept of doing a series of shows that appear to assume a parallelism between fundamentalist Christian, Jews and Muslims, by calling all of them “warriors.” I’m not a fundamentalist anything, and really don’t appreciate the ultra fundamentalist approach to life. Nevertheless, while fundamentalist Christians and Jews may have values different from the average Americans’, the fact remains that, with a few wacko exceptions, they are peaceful citizens in whichever country they live. This distinguishes them from significant numbers of people around the world who take Islam very seriously, and who can be counted upon to back up their beliefs with aggressive, often very violent, acts against the citizens around them, the countries in which they live, and other nations.

    A friend of mine whom I respect a great deal thinks that Amanpour was trying to show the difference between the three types of fundamentalism, and he thinks she showed that through sarcastic delivery. That is, he thinks she was being sarcastic when she said that the Muslim Brotherhood, which preaches violent jihad and the creation of a worldwide caliphate, is devoted to peace and Democracy. He may well be right, but sarcasm only works if your audience is in on the truth — and the fact that this show was an introduction for many Americans to the whole idea of the Muslim Brotherhood may have left them taking her words literally. I assume she was also being sarcastic when she made (so I’ve heard) statements to the effect that the Jews stole Palestinian lands — and the heck with history from 1919 through to the present.

    Anyway, I appreciate your email and I appreciate the fact that Orkin is taking this kind of consumer concern seriously. I think I’m consistent with many conservatives in believing that it is a blessing to live in a country where there is so much information available to citizens about so many things, both grave and small. I ask only that the information be presented honestly, both in terms of facts and in terms of the implications arising from those facts. If a show gets so cute, and so into a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” mentality that it makes it impossible to separate truth from falsehood, and forthrightness from sarcasm, there’s a serious problem and a reputable company may want to think twice about aligning itself with that kind of game playing.

  11. I wish to personally thank Martha for demonstrating that the private sector is more ethical and concerned with individuals and the realities of our day than the media.

  12. […] I made such comments, Book got a response to her post here. This is a good example of the subject. I’m the Assistant Vice President of Public Relations for […]

  13. I will add something else, of course. Original so to speak. Private companies and advertisers have their reputations to think of, because they live in the real world of market factors. In the real world, you simply cannot create profit and sustainable business expansion simply by producing the odd word or two. Even for the businesses that attempt to lie, they are caught eventually. Relying upon a pardon by Clinton is also a long shot. This is not the rules by which the US media operates under, however. The more they lie, slander, and bring down their reputation, the more damage they do and the more they believe they are doing well.

    It is simply not in the strategic interests of advertisers and businesses to associate themselves with such self-destructive people. Therefore it is in the interests of the blogosphere and individual consumers to make it known to those that would benefit from such. It doesn’t require a campaign of hate emails or anything else unpleasant. It is simply a changing of alliances. Like Al Anbar did by turning on Al Qaeda, their former allies, and siding with the Coalition, their former enemies.

    The MSM media and their leaders do not care what individual people believe or do. And that in turn makes them poor choices for companies seeking to acquire more customers.

    Tail end of my blog post.

  14. Just want to circle back to give the final update from Orkin. We had purchased advertising that was supposed to air on “Larry King Live” on August 21. CNN changed programming to air “God’s Jewish Warriors” without notifying us ahead of time to obtain our approval – which is against our agreement with the network. We have discussed this with CNN, and they are aware of the severity of their mistake. I am told that “God’s Jewish Warriors” was a three-part special which has concluded; however, Orkin has added it to our “do not buy” list, should it re-air in the future. We sincerely thank you for bringing this issue to our attention – we can’t fix a problem if we’re not aware of it.

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