Thank God she can always fall back on her looks

Have a smile about this one, until the moment you suddenly realize there may be a lot more young people out there who are just like her:

Hat tip:  Hot Air


6 Responses

  1. Allow me to give her a helping hand perhaps with this answer.

    “People don’t know how to use maps because they lack an education in military history, tactics, and strategy.”

  2. That left shoulder roll was pretty fetching if I may say so.

  3. Wannabet she’s the product of public schooling? Did hse use any proper sentence structure?

    She’s potential talent for CNN, though, beginning on Larry King.

  4. Katie Couric’s co-host? Then you would get a matched set.

  5. I assume she didn’t win.

  6. “Ms. South Carolina, if you are in a grocery store, how do you know that you’re getting a good price on the food you buy?”

    “Well, if I was in a store, you know, a grocery store, I would make sure that the money I saved went to benefit the children of, you know, South Africa, and, like, Iraq. I think that would be a good price for America.”

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