The UN once again proves itself to be the world’s most dangerous & expensive bad joke

No comment, ’cause this one speaks for itself:

Despite its numerous calls for Israel’s destruction, and repeated denials of the Holocaust, Iran has been selected by the United Nations for a leading position in a committee that will plan the 2009 UN World Conference against Racism.

The planning committee, which will meet for the first time in Geneva on August 27, will be made up of an inner circle of 20 UN member-states, to be headed by Libya.

The decision to include Iran in the committee has been slammed by UN watchdogs. “As a UN spokesperson against racism, Iran will invert totally the message and mission of the United Nations,” Anne Bayefsky, senior editor of the New York-based Eye on the UN, said in a press release.


Bayefsky explained that the structure of the UN’s Human Rights Council has effectively been taken over by the countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), allowing Iran and Libya access to key roles.

“The states were selected by the UN Human Rights Council and the Council is controlled by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The majority of seats on the Council are held by the African and Asian regional groups and the OIC has a majority of seats on each of these groups. Western states do not have the votes to block this outrage and it is another example of the hijacking that has occurred of the UN’s lead human rights agency,” she said.


According to Bayefsky, “Israel needs to point continually to the dangerous role played by the UN in undermining the welfare of the Jewish state and its people. The veil of legitimacy of the organization as a leader in human rights protection must be lifted.”


6 Responses

  1. I proposed in 2004/5 that the US should kick the UN out and create a real alliance for the good of men, women, and children.

    Better late than never.

  2. The only reason why anyone pays attention to them is because America is in it and provides the UN with credibility, funds, and prestige.

    Any alliance with America in it, will attract members. As simple as that.

  3. It also means that whatever the Un does around the world, it will be attributed to America or at least to American backing and support.

    You can see it now in your mind’s eye, I hope. Dictators and gang lords kicking the cra* out of people and telling them that even if they should have the power to strike back at the UN, the UN will bring American firepower and funds from an American city, on their heads. That makes America really popular, in my view. Really popular.

  4. This UN action against Israel is all a part of the same vicious game, the inversion of human moral worth. The civilized humans are sacrificed to the uncivilized humans.

    Lest you think I am kidding, by this vicious creed, the worth of humans is also sacrificed to non-humans. I would be laughing at the next story were I not so shocked!

    Extracts from the story:
    A troop of vervet monkeys is giving Kenyan villagers long days and sleepless nights, destroying crops and causing a food crisis.

    The predominantly farming community is now having to receive famine relief food.

    The residents report that the monkeys have killed livestock and guard dogs, which has also left the villagers living in fear, especially for the safety of their babies and children.

    “The troop has scouts which keep a lookout from a vantage point, and when they see us coming, they give warning signals to the ones in the farms to get away,” said another area resident, Jacinta Wandaga.

    The town has been warned by the Kenya Wildlife Service not to harm or kill any of the monkeys, as it is a criminal offence.

    Running out of options, residents are harvesting their crops early in an attempt to salvage what they can of this year’s crop.

    Unfortunately, this only invites the monkeys to break into their homes and steal the harvested crops out of their granaries.

    “For God’s sake, the government should take pity on us and move these monkeys away because we do not want to abandon our farms,” he said.

    “I beg you, please come and take these animals away from here so that we can farm in peace.”

    I tell you, any animal that destroys the very livelihood of villages, kills their livestock and dogs, and threatens their children, must be killed. Period. It is an outrage against humanity that these people are prevented by law from defending themselves. It is an outrage against decency that the victims have lost so much of their own humanity that they plead with the government to “move these monkeys away” and to “take these animals away”, rather than stand up for themselves and kill the little monstrous f*ckers.

    Will those who formulate any such insane policies destroy the more peaceful Israelis in favor of the eternally murderous Palestinians? You bet they will. The English and other European natives in favor of migrants whose dearest wish is to destroy European freedoms and place them into eternal dhimmitude under the vicious Muslim boot? You bet they will. The rights of the criminal and predator over the rights of the victim? You bet they will.

    If they – the leftists in control wherever they are – will shockingly enforce the right of animals to do this to humans and forbid human response, then why wouldn’t they enforce something far less shocking: the rights of humans of evil action to destroy humans of moral and good action. Of course they would. Of course they DO.

    Israelis truly are the canary in the coal mine that will presage the worst of what is to come for us all.

  5. George Orwell postulated the Cold War would create eternal tyranny. Allow me to hunt up the link.


    That’s it.

  6. Thank you for sharing the information. I found the details very helpful.

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