Here come the Weasel results

I’m getting the kids ready for school, and what to slam out the Watcher of Weasel results before I forget. Needless to say, every article is thought-provoking. I had a terrible time voting this week, because I just could not decide which of the Weasel articles was the best. They were all so good. As it is, I’m very satisfied with the results on the Council side. On the non-Council side, I thought the winning article had good information, but the writing style was so difficult for me I could barely read it. Needless to say, I did vote for that winning article:

Votes Council link
4 Is the United States an Imperialist Power and Does It Matter?
Right Wing Nut House
2 St. Nietzsche
Done With Mirrors
1  1/3 Horrific Nineveh Bombing Shows Counterinsurgency Working
Big Lizards
2/3 Noriega Rips Cornyn For Representing Texans The Way They Vote
Rhymes With Right
2/3 On Science, Fashion & Being PC
‘Okie’ on the Lam
2/3 Papa Giuliani
Bookworm Room
2/3 God’s Warriors?
Cheat Seeking Missiles
1/3 Christians and Democrats: An Open letter To Anne Rice
1/3 A Misguided College Senior
The Colossus of Rhodey
1/3 The Economic War On Terror
Soccer Dad
Votes Non-council link
4 How The New Republic Got Suckered
Pajamas Media
1  1/3 The Peace Racket
City Journal
1  1/3 Israel and the Double Standard
1  1/3 The Technology of Our Dissent
Beijing Wide Open
1 UK Civics Class Asks: What Would Muhammad Do?
Sweetness & Light
2/3 The VSP Club
The Washington Monthly
1/3 Arming Teachers
Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher
1/3 “Consensus”: Wrong
1/3 In Another Country
1/3 How To Educate Inner City Poor

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