Heard it on the lib vine

James Lewis has put together the “greatest hits” of liberal wisdom, all culled from conversations with ordinary liberals.  It reads like fantasy (or nonsense), but it isn’t.  As to almost every single item on the list, I have read or heard someone say it.


3 Responses

  1. Or a bumper sticker I saw on a Volvo parked outside a Unitarian church: The road to hell is paved with Republicans. This surprised me not for the animus against Republicans, but because a religious liberal would allude to the existence of hell.

  2. My advice: never go for a jury trial. You are very likely to get at least a few twits like these deciding your case — perhaps even a majority. Now that’s scary.

  3. Highlander,
    You know, that’s one VERY good reason to make sure you live in a community of rock solid, common sense, freedom loving jury-of-your-peers Americans!

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