Pot makes you stupid? Or not?

If you have ever wondered whether it is true that pot makes you stupid, check this out, at American Digest.  On the other hand, I’m not being scientific at all.  It could just be that these particularly stupid (or do I mean weird?) people use pot.


8 Responses

  1. I enjoy marijuana, was a veteran of over 100 Grateful Dead shows, enjoy a lot of what could be considered hippie music and culture, but am patriotic, pro-free market capitalism, pro-Israel, anti-Jihad, etc…and can’t stand the political correctness, crypto-racism, Bush Derangement Syndrome, simplistic environmentalism, etc that I am surrounded with. According to many commenters I read on conservative blogs, I should be a 911 troofer and I’d be lucky to be capable of any kind of rational, critical thinking whatsoever.

    Conversely, not every ardent conspiracy nut, environmentalist, or other assorted leftoid is a marijuana smoker.

    The stereotypes get tedious sometimes and I don’t think that kind of discourse benefits the conservative cause very much

  2. I’m not a smoker myself, but have many acquaintances who are. My complaint with short term pot use is that it makes people boring and, for some at least, long term pot use makes them slow. The coming together of long term pot users who are committed ultra left political activists is, by any standards, unattractive and, I think, is ripe for some small measure of ridicule. As for me, I’d legalize pot, and categorize it in the same way as cigarettes and alcohol. And as with the latter, I’d criminalize not its use, but wrongful conduct while under its influence. That’s all.

  3. Thanks for the link.

    A number of commenters on my little photo essay are quick to assume both my politics and my history as well as my real attitudes towards marijuana and the war on drugs.

    In this short thread I find myself with one foot in both camps of the commenters above.

  4. Gerard,

    I have such mixed feelings about your report. There *is* a lot of foolishness in the counterculture that deserves some laughs, and the naivete and blindness that I am exposed to on almost a daily basis breaks my heart. Nevertheless, there is a snideness to your commentary that can cause you to be seen by those not already in the choir as reactionary and intolerant. Your presumption that attendees are too stupid to be aware that the hemp products do not contain psychoactive cannabis is particularly arrogant, condescending, and insulting. Politically naive as most of the participants may be, I assure you that they are not that stupid.

    Finally, what the heck is wrong with a little grassroots artisanal capitalism?

    I prefer Zombie’s photojournalism. S/he lets the photos speak for themselves.

  5. Neocon, there is a virtue in letting pictures speak for themselves. However, if you’re a writer, words are fun, and you’re leaving out half of yourself by failing to include your own comments to photographs.

    As I’ve noted, I don’t have a problem with legalizing pot. These people, however, represent such an extreme strain of far Left pot user that they just invite comment. A good writer, especially one with a penchant for a little snide humor (something I always enjoy), is going to find it almost impossible to resist adding some tag lines now and then. Incidentally, Zombie does that too, especially when it comes to the annual too Berkeley for words Parade, or whatever it’s called.

    Please don’t take it too seriously. I didn’t mean it that way, and I don’t think Vanderleun did either. As he and I have both noted, we have our feet planted squarely in both camps.

  6. I never saw it as pot making you stupid, Book, but as pot requiring stupidity to be smoked. It’s sort of like the gig, if you want to know how it tastes, go ahead and taste it.

    However, the easiest way to poison someone and complete your assassination contract, is to have them taste their own poison. Aside from that, people that want to experience everything and anything are hedonists, so perhaps they are not stupid so much as having a lack in priority.

  7. Ignorance. Pot requires ignorance to be smoked. In that sense, ignorance is temporary. For someone to keep smoking it, that would require stupidity.

    That’s the correction for my first sentence, Book.

  8. To you who pi$$ed away over a 100 days of your life on the greatful dead,I’m Sorry. You are either stupid or not. Overindulgence in certain substances may damage your brain and make you retarded. Doing that is stupid. I also smoke pot (40yrs)But like John Kay said,”God damn the pusherman”. The dead made a lot of $$$$$$$ and sold a lot of acid,but the vast majority of musicians I’ve encountered in my life consider them to be a running joke.ie. “what did the hippy say to his girlfriend when the acid wore off?”…”Hey, this band SUCKS”!

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