Rehabilitation versus punishment

Debate will always rage about the purpose of imprisonment and the reasonable length for prison sentences. Some people think prison exists solely to punish people, while others believe that we need to use prisons to rehabilitate people, and stop being so gosh darn punitive. I tend to fall in a mushy middle that is tied to the nature of the crime. I think small time criminals should be given chances to improve themselves in prison, through works, education and good behavior, and that those factors should lead to their getting out of prison earlier. If some uneducated yahoo who is caught with too much pot or cocaine spends his time in prison getting his G.E.D., staying out of trouble, and doing community volunteer work (San Quentin, for example, has a dog training program for rescue dogs), it’s a waste of taxpayer money to keep him in prison for the long haul.

I feel quite differently about murder — not manslaughter or some other gradation of killing (such as varying degrees of self-defense), but cold-blooded murder. The taking of a life, an act we all know to be heinous regardless of our economic situation or upbringing, is not only morally wrong, it rocks the core stability of our society if cold-blooded murder is given any type of a pass. I’m willing to admit that someone who killed at 20 and is now 50, having spent the bulk of his life in prison, might have been sufficiently punished — although it does depend on the motive, intent, purpose and manner of the crime. Again, human discretion matters in considering these things.

The one thing I know is that a woman who for political reasons cold-bloodedly killed two young American soldiers, and is almost certainly responsible for the deaths of many others, is getting a free pass as she is released after eight years because she is “rehabilitated”:

Eva Haule spent her last hours as a free woman in the ice cream café “Dolomiti” in Rüsselsheim — a town near Frankfurt. She was meeting with two supporters of the Red Army Faktion, the home-grown terror group to which she belonged. The trio attracted the attention of a person seated at a nearby table, who recognized them in police posters. Every time the waitress came to the table, the three would hurriedly gather together their papers.

The man called the police. Moments later, when two officers approached Haule’s table with guns drawn, she chose not to pull her own pistol. On August 2, 1986 Eva Haule disappeared behind bars and was sentenced to life in prison eight years later.

Now, a Frankfurt court has announced that the ex-terrorist — convicted of killing two Americans in a 1985 air base bombing — will be released on parole. The court ruled that the former RAF member no longer presented a threat to society. With her release, only two former members of the RAF — which disbanded in 1998 — will remain behind bars: Haule’s former comrade-in-arms Birgit Hogefeld and Christian Klar, arrested in 1982.

Haule’s biography makes clear that she was a merciless, dedicated killer. There’s no excuse here about poverty or ignorance. She was college educated with, of all things, a focus on social work. Here’s the kind of stuff Haule and her buddies did, and for which Haule was convicted:

Exactly one week after the Paris attack [shooting a director in the French Defense Ministry], a woman rang Ernst Zimmerman’s doorbell in Gauting, near Munich. She claimed to be the mail carrier and that she needed a signature. When Zimmerman — a manager at a company which built turbines for fighter planes and engines for tanks — opened the door, he was confronted by a man wielding an automatic weapon. The duo tied up Zimmerman and his wife before taking him into the bedroom. Once there, he was executed with a shot through his head. The murder has gone unsolved.

The third generation of the RAF had found its modus operendi — a style of killing it stayed true to until the 1991 murder of Detlev Karsten Rohwedder, responsible for selling off former East German state property following 1990 reunification. It was also clear to the investigators that the new RAF was extremely professional. Although Zimmerman’s murderer wore no gloves, there were no fingerprints left behind.

It was then that the RAF carried out an attack that cut the already slender ties to Germany’s leftist-radical scene once and for all. A woman in the Wiesbaden club “Western Saloon” began flirting with 20-year-old US soldier Edward Pimental. The GI left the disco with her — and was found dead the next morning in a nearby forest.

Just why Pimental had to die quickly became apparent. On Aug. 8, 1985, a car bomb ripped through a parking lot at the Rhein-Main Air Base, killing Airman First Class Frank Scarton and Becky Bristol, a civilian employee. Another 23 people were injured in the blast. The perpetrators had used Pimental’s ID to get on the base.

Numerous leftists, including jailed RAF members, publicly criticized the murder of the young US soldier and the air base attack. In response, the RAF said: “We are not misty-eyed social workers.”

By the way, on the subject of rehabilitation, one might ask, what does that mean? Is Haule contrite? Does she express true remorse and regret for what she’s done? Is she planning on devoting her life to true social service? Well, no:

Since she has been in prison, Haule has — like Brigitte Mohnhaupt, who was released from jail in March — opted to show no remorse for her actions as an RAF member. She cut off relations with Birgit Hogefeld, an RAF member who distanced herself from the group’s activities. Like her friend Helmut Pohl, she never gave interviews about the RAF. Instead, she has become involved in helping political prisoners.

In other words, she’s without remorse, and is continuing her political activism. Sounds rehabilitated to me. Or, at least, she sounds rehabilitated if she’s a member of the European community that considers Americans second-class beings, and may not be all that troubled at a moral level by their death. (On that point, please read, no matter how depressing it is, Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within.)


7 Responses

  1. The United States needs a hit squad. A CIA murder team equipped with the best equipment, training, and support that the wealthiest nation in history can furnish. And it should be tasked with killing people like this terrorist filth. Every moment of their lives should be filled with the fear of sudden death.

    It wouldn’t get us any negative feelings, because a) our enemies already accuse us of such things anyhow, so anyone who dislikes us already believes we probably do assassinate people; and b) people are more impressed by a willingness to do harm than they are by demonstrations of benevolence. America is good to its friends and enemies, which means they all have contempt for us. If we kill off critics they might start to show a little respect.

  2. Hey Europe! You want to come to the U.S. of A.?

    Apply by 2015, make the move by 2020…..or stay there and marinate in what you’re creating, because the door will be closed, after that date!

  3. The US already has a hit squad. It’s under Presidential authority.

    The US actually has numerous weapon classes capable of assassination or destroying targets and the general area they are in.

    The real problem is plausible deniability, but even there, what is the real point. Are people who hate the US going to hate us less if they know we kill terrorists out of hand? Are people who love the US and hate terrorists, going to stop loving us if they know we kill terrorists out of hand in other countries? *shrugs*

    In other words, she’s without remorse, and is continuing her political activism.

    She is not a critic. She is a terrorist. An enemy of humanity as well as an enemy of the USA. Her death is a requirement for the progress of humanity. Her release, an advance for the forces of destruction and despair.

    This is the whole point. The people that got rid of the death penalty in Europe didn’t stop there. They didn’t stop. They went further and they will go further still, until… it all ends I suppose.The death penalty, jails, and whatever are just tools. It is people that matter. It is people that have always mattered.

    That’s why killing enemies of humanity matter.

  4. Do you really believe German authorities let her out to tease Americans? The German legal system is simply different to the American and one of its main principles is that you can’t keep people in prison for something, that is not a crime – and as everyone is guaranteed freedom of mind (which has, by the way, been realised as a human right in the US far earlier than in Germany) she is free to fell remorse or not. Feeling remorse is – as a matter of fact – no element of crime (And I’m pretty sure that’s the same in America)

    I’m not sure that killing off enemies off humanity is something a government / a state / anyone is able to justify as right – one should not forget that even criminals have dignity (as they are human). But that doesn’t mean I agree with releasing Eva Haule from prison…

  5. Do you really believe German authorities let her out to tease Americans?

    The Germans exchange terrorists for hostages all the time. But never American hostages.

    Nobody is guaranteed freedom to negotiate with terrorists to their heart’s content.

  6. If you spend any time whatsoever in one of the many awful “hoods” that we have here in America, you will see that not all “cold-blooded murders” are bad people. They are simply, to use Hillary Clinton’s favorite term of late, Invisible to the rest of society. When someone grows up in a place where everyone is poor, nobody can pay their bills, buy groceries, or even consider paying to go to a private school or college, there are very few options for survival. The only person in the hood with anything is the drug dealer and/or the gangbanger.

    In order to stop the violence, drug use and incarceration that is breaking up our families and communities, we cannot simply Lock Up all the “cold-blooded murderers” but we MUST provide an alternative– such as decent paying jobs and a good education, so there is another choice. Many of these men and women have no choice. And if given one, would choice to live by the law in a safe and happy environment. Wouldn’t you?

    Also, we currently have 2.3 million people incarcerated in State and Federal institutions in America. A huge percentage of those people are going to eventually get out, no matter how hard politicians try to be “tough on crime.” A big issue I have with our system, is that when these men and women take their Time in Prison and use it constructively to change themselves, their habits, their associations–essentially their Lives–we ignore the drastic and incredible work they have done and refuse to let them out–at a huge cost to taxpayers.

    The system is backwards and should reward people for rehabilitation. Its an extremely expensive, inhumane, and deranged practice.

  7. In order to stop the violence, drug use and incarceration that is breaking up our families and communities, we cannot simply Lock Up all the “cold-blooded murderers” but we MUST provide an alternative– such as decent paying jobs and a good education, so there is another choice. Many of these men and women have no choice. And if given one, would choice to live by the law in a safe and happy environment. Wouldn’t you?

    That is the propaganda. The reality is Iraq. They will sacrifice as many people as is necessary to achieve their political goals, such as power or status, regardless of what they say concerning poverty causing crime.

    When faced against real opposition and problems, the Left and their Democrat allies will fold as they always do.

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