AFP : Stuck on stupid

You’d think that the most recent fauxtography story would have provided ample warning to the AFP that people are watching and that the media can no longer blithely get away with dishonesty.  But no, just as General Honore, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina gently chided a reporter for being “stuck on stupid,” it turns out that AFP has also decided to take up permanent residence in Stupid-ville.

Yesterday, Confederate Yankee (with help from Dusty Raftery) exposes yet another moment of media dishonesty:  This time, AFP published as its own work a photograph that Sgt. Brandon Aird, 173rd ABCT Public Affairs, took in the Kunar Province, of Afghanistan.

It would be nice to say that the internet is working as it exposes one mendacious media act after another.  The fact is, though, these exposures take place in the blogosphere’s echo chamber, where we’re already all in on the secret that the MSM prefers PC myths to actual facts.  Sadly, the bulk of Americans (and Europeans) are trapped by the MSM itself, utterly unaware that the gatekeeper is dishonest.


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