I’ve created a monster

My son’s Nintendo DS crashed and, as it turned out, he hadn’t saved for quite a while.  He lost several special moves and weapons that he’d gathered since the last save.  I suggested (sympathetically) that he might want to save more often.  His response:  “I’m going to sue Nintendo.”  I may be a lawyer, but I really don’t think he got it from me.  I’m defense to the bone, and hate the idea of suing!


8 Responses

  1. He’s going to sue Nintendo for producing a game that he liked so much he forgot or didn’t want to waste time saving? This will produce more boring games that he will save constantly in because the save screen will be more fun than the game, correct?

  2. It’s not you, BW. Much of our society fails to emphasize personal responsibility. But you’ll teach him out of that trap.

  3. I think we need a modernization of Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief. They should now be stated as:

    1. Denial. “No, I couldn’t have lost my moves and weapons! No way! Reboot!”

    2. Bargaining: “It’s there somewhere. I’ll sweet talk my way to the right person at Nintendo to get them back! Money! If I pay enough money they’ll help me!”

    3. Anger: “No! No! No! No! This damned machine! No! No! No! No!”

    4. Sue the bastards: “They’ll pay for this! My life is ruined! Someone’s got to pay!”

    5. Despair: “Oh, what’s the use. It’s gone, all gone. I can’t win. Life is just too hard. How can I go on without my invisibility cloak? I worked so hard for it, and now it’s gone, and the world is all gray.”

    6. Acceptance: “I haven’t played for two months, and I played this morning, and you know what, I sort of enjoyed it. I’ve reearned 200 of the 10,000 points I need for new cloak. I made sure to save this time! Maybe by Christmas I’ll get that cloak…”

    7. Sue the bastards anyway: “So what if I didn’t save? They didn’t save either. It’s the principle of the thing. I want them to suffer too! Besides, it’s the American way, suing. When I was a child, I played Nintendo. Now that I’m an adult, I put away Nintendo, and pick up my class action lawsuit.”

  4. That’s too funny, Mike, because that’s precisely what my little guy did. This was his first computer failure and his grief was just overwhelming.

  5. It’s fun to play. Seriously, play. No, just play.

  6. Just tell him how much worse he would feel if he lost his progress because of something his parents did. Failure through your own fault is so much better than failure because of someone else messed you up.

  7. Mike’s list was funny, I would agree.

  8. I really like the information you share. thank you

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