Rage Boy has a new friend, Anguished Woman

Remember Rage Boy, the Mick Jagger of Pakistan, who showed up at every rally, with his wide mouth screaming its outrage at America?

Turns out that Rage Boy has a friend, Anguished Woman. She’s the one who roams around in the middle of chaos screaming, and she’s now got the shiny new bullets to justify her pain. American Thinker first published her false bullet story, a story that quickly got updated as sharp-eyed readers recognized the owner of those nice, neat bullets. Here’s the story as Thomas Lifson first reported it:

Rocco DiPippo, AT contributor and blogger at The Autonomist, spotted enemy propaganda in the press, as delivered by the incompetent information warriors at French news agency AFP. Although we don’t like to post news agency photos out of respect for copyright laws, this particular photo is the subject of the news story, so we violate our normal policy and post it.

 Iraqi woman with
The caption run by Yahoo News, and presumably supplied by AFP states:

An elderly Iraqi woman shows two bullets which she says hit her house following an early coalition forces raid in the predominantly Shiite Baghdad suburb of Sadr City. At least 175 people were slaughtered on Tuesday and more.

Now anyone who has actually held a gun and fired ammunition understands that a bullet which has been fired looks nothing like the unfired cartridges the woman holds. If I recall, the difference between bullets and cartridges was the first thing taught in the NRA firearms safety course I took decades ago when I first took up shooting as a sport and bought my first guns.

To help understand the story, Mr. DiPippo also sent along pictures of bullets that have actually left a gun. You can see them here.

But wait, there’s more. It turns out that a month ago, this same woman found that the evil Americans, without using a gun, had thrown shiny new bullets at her bed. The poor woman is being deluged with shiny, unshot bullets. What are we to think?

The excitement about this pathetic new bullet victim picked up as people started feeling that this woman looks remarkably like the woman from photos purportedly taken in Lebanon during last summer’s war. (Although it’s easy to confuse elderly women in burqas, isn’t it?) What made those Lebanese photos interesting was the fact that they purported to show two separate women, on two separate dates. In these photos of two allegedly separate women, each is shown with her head flung back and mouth wide open, as she screams out her anguish about the horrors of the destruction Israel wrought against her home(s) in Lebanon. Again, what are we to think?

Well, one of the things we might think is that, once again, Arab stringers are selling the credulous American media a bill of goods and that media, perfectly content with its fairy tale narrative about the Iraq War, is passing on manifestly silly stories and photos to the American public as if they are actually real news. We can also be concerned that, because most people scan stories quickly, without thinking too deeply about them, these manifestly false images are nevertheless creating the operative paradigm that will force our foreign policy in dangerous directions.

Hat tip: Rocket’s Brain Trust

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AN IMPORTANT UPDATE: From Confederate Yankee (who’s got good coverage generally):

The picture seems to show common commercial 55-grain civilian ball ammunition patterned after the Vietnam-era M193. With this in mind, I’d state that this ammunition wasn’t even dropped by American forces, as they don’t carry such ammunition.

This isn’t just a a photo that just shows ignorance. It appears to show a willful deception using civilian ammunition.


5 Responses

  1. Grim and I were talking and we came to the conclusion that these people are either telling fairy tales or nightmares based upon your perception of their intent to do or not do harm.

    Nightmares terrorize and make people feel helpless, unsure, and bad. Fairy tales create light in the mind of a child.

    Are they telling fairy tales, Book, or crafting nightmares?

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  3. Zut alors, chère Verme du Livre: Zay are obvieusement Fraunche bullets, tu sais? Zay ‘ave nevair been fired….mais bien sûr!

  4. If you think that is good, go to Getty editorial images website and search for “iraqi bullets” without the quotes — same photographer submitted similar photo of same woman holding unspent bullets a month ago with the same claim. BUSTED.

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